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Dezhou: financial feedback makes the elimination of production capacity get twice the result with half the effort

in the first quarter, the energy consumption of 10000 yuan GDP increased instead of falling

"in the second half of 2009, especially since 2010, the situation of energy conservation and emission reduction in Dezhou has become increasingly severe, and there is great pressure to eliminate backward production capacity." Zhou Tianfeng, director of Dezhou Economic and Information Technology Commission, said frankly that Dezhou still has many difficulties to overcome in order to fully complete the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction in the eleventh five year plan

it is estimated that in order to ensure the completion of the energy conservation and emission reduction target of the eleventh five year plan, the energy consumption of 10000 yuan GDP in Dezhou must be 4% lower than that of last year. More than 482%. From the leading quarter, Dezhou's GDP reached 344. 5.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14. 9. However, the consumption per unit of GDP is not optimistic

"With the expansion of the total economy, the city has comprehensively provided high-accuracy measurement standards and scientific and fair devices and methods for the calibration, verification and finalization identification of fatigue testing machines. The total energy consumption has shown a rapid growth trend, reaching 4.0542 million tons of standard coal, a year-on-year increase of 16.8%, higher than the GDP growth rate in the same period, so that the energy consumption of 10000 yuan of GDP in the first quarter has increased instead of decreasing, reaching 1.31 tons of standard coal, making the next step more stressful and the situation worse Very severe. " Dezhou city government official said

in addition, in recent years, Dezhou has basically completed the elimination and transformation of backward production capacity and high energy consuming equipment, and the urban supporting facilities and emission reduction projects in 2008 and 2009 have also been basically completed. "The more difficult it is for them to implement the reduction target, the more difficult it will be for them to complete the next reduction target."

market elimination and policy guidance achieve twice the result with half the effort

"the two glass production lines have witnessed the process of the company's step-by-step development and growth. Although the technology is backward and the energy consumption is huge, the employees still feel a little pity to start the new project of" graphene flagship plan "in the demolition process." Li Haipeng, deputy general manager of Dezhou Jinghua group, told me

it is understood that the company's original lattice glass production line was founded in 1985, which was the country's leading lattice French production model production line at that time. "Although the products have a certain market, the technology is backward and the energy consumption is high." Li Haipeng told that after considering many aspects such as energy conservation and emission reduction and policy guidance, the company made a painful decision to eliminate and close two lattice glass production lines two years ahead of schedule in May 2010. "This alone can reduce the annual coal consumption by 36000 tons and power consumption by 4.8 million kwh."

while eliminating backward production lines, Jinghua Group invested 2. With 800 million yuan, 16 high-grade antibiotic medicine bottle production lines will be built. The coal consumption per ton of products of the new production line will be reduced from 660 kg of the old line to 460 kg, which can save 1 kg of coal per year. 20000 tons

"the project construction has received strong support and help from the government in land, planning, capital, taxation and other aspects, helping us solve the financing of 180 million yuan." Fan Wenxiang, general manager of Dezhou Jinghua group, said that after receiving these concessions, the pressure on enterprises caused by the elimination of backward production capacity and demolition and transformation has been alleviated

after the elimination of backward production lines, many enterprises, like Dezhou Jinghua group, encountered a shortage of funds when launching new production lines. After investigation, the Dezhou municipal government learned that due to the rapid expansion of urban scale, many backward production lines are located in prime urban areas. In view of this situation, the Dezhou municipal government timely issued a new financial back feeding policy

Yu Chaoxian, deputy director of Dezhou Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, told: "according to the regulations, from industrial land to commercial and residential land, the value-added part belongs to the local government. However, in order to support the development of enterprises, the government will return all the value-added part to the enterprises to help them achieve a smooth transition during the transformation period."

Dezhou city promotes enterprises to actively eliminate backward production capacity and realize industrial upgrading through preferential policies such as financial incentives, tax relief and land income sharing. So far, 233 sets of 260 sets of equipment listed in the phase out plan in the city's building materials, glass, machinery and other industries have been discontinued, and 4 of the 14 backward production lines have been eliminated


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