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From January 8 to 19, 2018, the designer training of Stanley new home store was held in Shenzhen


from January 8 to 19, 2018, the designer training of Stanley new home store was held in Shenzhen

at the beginning of the training, the lecturer briefly introduced the development history and product system of the company, so that designers can have a deeper understanding of the corporate culture and product characteristics of Stanley home in the United States

training site

the training content is rich and colorful, including systematic professional design knowledge training, as well as measurement, quotation, sales and other aspects. Through on-site case teaching and students' on-site computer operation, the combination of theory and practice enables the designers participating in the training to learn and master the most comprehensive knowledge in the shortest time

students listen carefully and take notes actively

students come to the stage to share/display their works

in the class, students listen carefully and speak enthusiastically. At the same time, they bravely come to the stage to share and explain their design works. The display of works is commendable, has advantages worthy of reference, and there are many places that need to be corrected. In this process, the training instructors point out and patiently explain the methods of cracking, the collision of ideas, and the discovery and solution of problems for students one by one, Let the students complete the growth and transformation again and again

exhibition hall learning

after class, the lecturer led the students to visit the product exhibition hall, so that the students could have zero distance contact with the products, understand and learn the relevant material and production process knowledge of the products

group photo of students

after 12 days of training and learning, everyone has benefited a lot, and there is a lot of room for improvement in design. It is hoped that the designer trainees who participated in the training will review the past and know the new after returning to their respective jobs, share what they have learned in design, and constantly improve themselves, so as to better serve stores and consumers





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