Solutions to the lack of talents in aluminum alloy

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At present, the profession of doors and windows is gradually maturing, and the renewal of commodities is becoming more and more frequent. The competition pressure of the company has virtually increased many times. If the company wants to be sharp, it needs its own commodities, and the conception, planning, conception and production are all based on people. The company cannot survive without talent support, let alone competition capital. Unfortunately, there has always been a lack of talent in both the door and window profession and all the home building materials profession. How to choose suitable talents

when selecting talents, there was a large private company of durable consumer goods, which spent a lot of money to recruit a large number of shopping malls directors of famous companies at home and abroad, and excellent professional managers at the manager level. However, the original intention of using results is universal. Of course, there are corporate factors such as corporate culture, management system, human capital strategy and value circulation procedures, which form the mismatch of corporate capital, However, neglecting the periodic human capital needs of the company and seeking only excellence rather than suitability is also one of the key points

nowadays, the door and window profession is also digging around in order to win a place in the mall where wolves compete for food. In fact, many companies have not analyzed the types of talents they need, nor can they give real talents a perfect stage. When they need talents, they are eager to be their own "matchmakers" and select some people who are not suitable for them before they have thought about the specific types of needs. In the context of the widespread lack of highly educated talents in labor-intensive industries, not all companies can find talents from both sides

"adjust measures to local conditions", only select the right

the achievement of any talent can not be separated from its systematic support and team cooperation, while the mental model of strong door and window companies and weak door and window companies are different from the mall model, and the question of mental gap determines the inappropriateness of mall access or promotion methods. Now analyze the differences between different door and window companies to ensure that all door and window companies can choose the most suitable talents

first of all, the right and wrong operators of standardized shopping malls demanded by small and medium-sized door and window companies, because there is only room for non-standard, while the protector of standardized shopping malls demanded by strong door and window companies, because he is the leader in formulating regulations, it is much harder to break the rules than to protect them, and it is even more difficult to break them first and then stand up

secondly, overseas door and window companies or large domestic door and window companies need strict executors of procedures, such as assembly line workers, and their regional managers need managers of capital allocation and process control; The harmony of procedures required by small and medium-sized door and window companies, such as craft workshop workers, requires operators who use capital, rush to the front and achieve results quickly

thirdly, from a technical point of view, all overseas door and window companies have highly standardized job descriptions to train experts in a certain link of talents, while small and medium-sized door and window companies need experts with one specialty and multiple abilities. In large door and window companies or foreign enterprises, what we often hear is "leaving professional matters to experts", while domestic small and medium-sized door and window companies are basically unable to achieve the rational use of human capital

"what is suitable for oneself is the best" is all right. When promoting talent selection, door and window companies need to consider comprehensively according to their own positioning, development scale and desired talent types, so as not to lead to the misuse of talents and useless talents. As long as talents are placed in appropriate positions and given technical training to a certain extent, door and window companies can have their own talent storage force, and naturally there is no "talent shortage"




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