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On April 25th, 2019, the 2019 golden Teng award design fashion grand ceremony, named by President Mengtian and co sponsored by China Interior Decoration Association and Tencent home, held a grand launching ceremony in Changsha

Mr. yujingbin, executive director of Mengtian home furnishing group and President of the Design Institute, joined hands with Cui Shu, the representative of China's post-80s design, Japanese architect Aoyama Zhouping and Hunan local design masters to gather in Xingcheng Changsha to witness another departure of the golden Teng award

nearly 1500 designers from Hunan and surrounding areas came here in admiration. The scene of the launching ceremony was hot, and nearly 1000 square meters of space was full. Many designers stood and listened to the whole process

young famous designer commented that design makes life better

Cui Shu, the representative of post-80s space design, the founder of Cun design brand, and the only designer who won the annual award of two golden Teng awards, brought a theme sharing entitled "time, people and space", put forward many innovative ideas for new designers, and won the recognition and applause of many designers on the scene

2017 golden Teng award popular designer of the year, founding partner of b.l.u.e. architectural design firm and presiding architect Aoyama Zhou Ping, brought the keynote speech of "breaking the rules" and shared his recent design thinking and design keywords. In his opinion, touching design needs emotional injection

three times joined hands with

the original intention has not changed

Mr. Yu Jingbin, executive director of Mengtian home furnishing group and President of the Design Institute, came to the scene in person and sent better confidence and wishes to the third Golden Teng award

in the spring of 2017, Mengtian and jinteng awards made their debut in Beijing for the first time, and it was the third year in an instant. Over the past three years, the golden Teng award has invited famous design masters at home and abroad as guests and mentors, traveled to core cities across the country, and discovered many excellent design works and excellent young designers, which has also caused great repercussions inside and outside the industry

the golden Teng prize has been awarded for 3 years, and Mengtian has been working together for 3 years. This year also happens to be the 30th anniversary of Mengtian's founding. This year, we seem to have an indissoluble bond with the number 3, "life two, two, three, all things". 3 is the base number of all things, which also means that Mengtian hopes to find more good designs that can improve the quality of human settlements in China through activities such as the golden Teng award, and pass on the concept of design improving the quality of life to millions of people. This is also the original intention of Mengtian and jinteng award

Mengtian whole house home solutions

create more possibilities for a better life

Mengtian believes in and has always paid attention to the power of design, and also understands the high expectations of consumers for design to change life

Mengtian has always attached great importance to the blessing of design on products. In the past 30 years, it has never stopped pursuing the iterative updating of product design

in March this year, Mengtian invested a lot of human and material resources, and the Mengtian wood image exhibition hall with a total area of 6000 square meters was grandly opened at the headquarters of Mengtian group. The ingenuity of the new exhibition hall is precisely to better show the new product system of Mengtian, which extends to the whole room with the wooden door as the entrance

on the basis of the high-end quality and ingenious service that Mengtian has always adhered to, the new product system is committed to creating more possibilities for the beautiful life that consumers yearn for with healthy water paint coating and more diversified, more cultural and more detailed design

new product of Mengtian water paint ・ Song Yuan Yayun

so far, 2019 "Mengtian" × The "golden Teng Award" design ceremony was officially launched! The third Jin Teng award will once again work with the international evaluation team to provide a stage for outstanding young designers with a more professional, fair and fair selection mechanism

at the same time, Mengtian also hopes that more excellent designers can work together with Mengtian to launch more household products with both quality, health and design aesthetics

through our joint efforts, let more beautiful things happen in national life




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