Customize concealed works well before decoration t

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"Small space, big achievement". In terms of area, the proportion of kitchen in the whole room is not large, but it is the "most labor-intensive" space. Three meals a day, desserts and daily snacks... As long as they are imported, they will be related to the kitchen. The decoration of such an important place is pleasing to the eye, which naturally adds fashion elements to the food culture and improves the taste and taste of life

“ Small space, big achievement ”. In terms of area, the proportion of kitchen in the whole room is not large, but it is “ The most labor-intensive ” Space. Three meals a day, desserts and daily snacks &hellip& hellip; As long as it is something imported, it will be related to the kitchen. The decoration of such an important place is pleasing to the eye, which naturally adds fashion elements to the food culture and improves the taste and taste of life

Pablo sink, Meier fixed water pipe, yadil cabinet

with the improvement of people's living standards and the enhancement of aesthetic consciousness, the space of the kitchen also gives people a stage for imagination and display. Today's cabinets have already replaced the traditional sense of holding bowls and dishes in the kitchen, and more importantly, they have become household accessories in the kitchen. Cabinets not only require functionality and practicality, but also have higher and higher requirements for decoration

customize concealed works well before decoration

many people have this feeling: they will feel uncomfortable when they see the water, electricity and gas pipelines in the kitchen. Therefore, when designing cabinets, the first priority is to wrap these pipelines. In this regard, professionals said that it is best to contact the customization of cabinets when decorating the house at the beginning, so that the design can be done more scientifically according to the direction of various lines in the room, including how to deal with the concealed works such as flue, water pipe and circuit. In addition, it is best for the hostess to personally participate in the design of the cabinet, because the hostess is most used, and everyone's habits are different. When designing the cabinet, the height and position of the stove, and even the placement of daily necessities such as rice, flour and oil are all worth discussing. When the decoration is fixed, it will be more handy in the future

practical and convenient accessories of the linked metal basket

Miss Teng, who is going to get married, particularly likes the linked basket. She believes that the function of the cabinet is to place all kinds of food in addition to loading things. In the past, it was difficult to take things out after putting them in the deep of the cabinet, especially at the corner. With the linked basket, this problem was solved. As soon as I opened the cabinet door, the things placed inside were also pulled in front of me, which was convenient and practical

experts believe that when prospective brides like Miss Teng come to buy cabinets, they mostly pay attention to the details of hardware, so the characteristic continuous basket is very popular. In addition, in the current design, the cabinet is also equipped with a linked power system. With a slight outward lift, the entire cabinet door can be easily opened. The hydraulic design ensures that the cabinet door will not automatically close after lifting. For female friends with little strength, this is a thoughtful design

the key to environmental protection coefficient is to use it safely to be healthy

everyone likes beautiful cabinets, but in the final analysis, when placed at home, the environmental protection coefficient must meet the standard in order to make people feel at ease. Therefore, when choosing cabinets, we must pay attention to environmental protection. The environmental protection referred to here is an all-round concept, and it is not only the plate that meets the standard. Of course, the plates of the cabinet should be selected with high environmental protection coefficient. In addition, careful workmanship is also very important. The cabinet is used more frequently. If the workmanship is rough, there will be cracks, burrs and other problems, which will cause harm to the body. In addition, the kitchen also “ Rich in garbage ”, These problems should also be considered in advance to break the dead corner of breeding bacteria in cabinets and make life more environmentally friendly

cabinet materials have different effects and styles

the choice of cabinet door panels is also particularly important. This is not only related to the aesthetic degree of the appearance of the cabinet, but also related to whether the cabinet has superior high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and scratch resistance

uv paint board: it has high gloss and saturation, stable color and luster, and small color difference. Tasteful young people usually choose this relatively affordable board

blister board: the surface of this board is formed by vacuum blistering, or by one-time seamless PVC film compression molding process. The shape is rich and beautiful, and the visual effect is good. The price is much lower than that of solid wood board

solid wood board: This is the most expensive and stable product in the cabinet. It is suitable for classical and European style cabinets, which are of high grade and the most gorgeous. It is most suitable for European houses and villas




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