Workers smashed the walls of other homes in a row.

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In the Spring Festival Gala sketch decoration, the wrong house decoration triggered a dramatic plot. Recently, the decoration of the wrong house really happened. Ms. Hu, the owner of the 6th floor of building 6, community 1, Bindong Avenue, Mawei River, got the new house in late June. The decorators invited by Mr. Zhou, the owner of the 13th floor of the same building, smashed many walls in the house. Yesterday, Ms. Hu called our newspaper's news hotline 968800, hoping that our newspaper could help coordinate this matter

the wall of Ms. Hu's house was accidentally smashed by the decorator invited by the owner upstairs

yesterday morning, the reporter saw at Ms. Hu's house in unit 602 of building 6 in the community that the ground was full of broken bricks and cement blocks. The wall on one side of the living room balcony, the wall between the master bedroom and the guest bedroom, the wall connecting the master bedroom to the small balcony were all smashed off, and the isolation bricks on the kitchen and bathroom floor were also smashed off

Ms. Hu said that the day before yesterday afternoon, she received a call from the property management personnel saying that a decorator smashed the wall in her house. Later, Mr. Zhou, the owner of unit 1302, also called her and said that he smashed the wall of her house by mistake, “ This house covers an area of more than 100 square meters. It was just handed over in late June. I didn't expect to be smashed like this for no reason. It's really both angry and distressing &rdquo

manager Zhou of the Great Wall property company, who is responsible for the property management of the community, said that when the property management personnel inspected building 6 the day before yesterday, they found that workers were decorating unit 602. As Ms. Hu did not register the decoration in the Property Office, the property management personnel then called her

how did the decorator enter unit 602? Manager Zhou speculated that the password of the electronic lock of the entrance door of each unit was unified at the time of delivery, and Ms. Hu failed to change the password in time. Ms. Hu showed the reporter a battery provided by the property management. As long as it is inserted into the interface outside the electronic lock, and then press the password, the door will open, “ The initial passwords are the same. Because there is nothing else in the house, I didn't think of changing the password &rdquo

Mr. Zhou, the owner of unit 1302, told reporters: “ I'm also sorry for this Oolong thing. A few days ago, I specially brought a decorator to my own house. I don't know how he went to someone else's house and knocked on the wall. I am willing to restore the wall of unit 602 to its original state and give some reasonable compensation& rdquo;

Ms. Hu asked Mr. Zhou to let the construction personnel of the House Builder check and restore the original state, “ We will discuss how to compensate tomorrow afternoon. I hope as neighbors, we can deal with this matter reasonably. If the negotiation fails, I will sue the court& rdquo;

in response to this matter, Chen Xiaoquan, a lawyer from Fujian zhiang law firm, said that the decoration workers mistakenly smashed the wall of Ms. Hu's new house is an act of infringement of property rights, and Ms. Hu can ask the infringer to bear the liability for compensation. As for the infringer, if the decoration workers are employed by the owner to provide labor services, the party receiving labor services, that is, the owner, shall bear the liability for compensation. If the relationship between the decoration workers and the owner belongs to the contracting and processing relationship, and the owner has no wrong instructions, the decoration workers shall be liable for compensation. If the owner has wrong instructions, they shall be jointly liable for compensation with the decoration workers




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