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The 4th China Suzhou Coating Industry Exhibition 2011 time: April, 2011 location: Suzhou International Expo Center (Modern Avenue Expo Plaza, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province)

organizer: Suzhou economic and Trade Commission co organizer: China Surface Engineering Association

Suzhou Environmental Protection Bureau Jiangsu coating industry association

Suzhou National High tech Industrial Development Zone Management Committee Zhejiang coating industry association

Suzhou science and Technology Association Wenzhou coating chamber of Commerce

organizer: Suzhou Electroplating Association Ningbo coating industry association

Suzhou high tech Zone Huqiu District Environmental Protection Industry Association Wuxi coating and adhesive industry association

Suzhou Tianxi Exhibition Co., Ltd. Shanghai coating Association

Chinese electroplating Changzhou coating Association

[international industrial manufacturing base - beautiful and open Suzhou welcomes you]

Yangtze River Delta - an important international industrial manufacturing base

Yangtze River Delta - the world's sixth largest urban agglomeration

Yangtze River Delta - moving towards economic integration

Suzhou - the choice of 113 of the world's top 500

Suzhou ranks second in the latest ranking of cities in the Yangtze River Delta for sustainable development, only second to Shanghai

market background:

at present, the per capita coating consumption in China is about 2.5kg, Based on the economic level of Jiangsu Province, the per capita consumption is expected to be 3-4kg, that is, the total demand for coatings in Jiangsu market is about 250000-300000 tons. All these provide a huge market for the coating industry, making the Yangtze River Delta coating production base keep pace with the Pearl River Delta production base

Southern Jiangsu: the main battlefield of paint sales for Jiangsu economic locomotive

Southern Jiangsu includes five cities, namely Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Zhenjiang. It is the most developed region in Jiangsu and one of the fastest growing and most developed regions in China. Among the top ten "top 100 counties (cities) in China in 2006", Jiangsu has seven seats, respectively Kunshan (first), Zhangjiagang (third), Jiangyin (fourth), Changshu (sixth), Wujin (eighth), Taicang and Wujiang (tied for ninth). Among the top 50, Yixing (20th) and Danyang (47th) are also included. Coincidentally, all these counties and cities are concentrated in southern Jiangsu, of which Suzhou accounts for five. 200 media 10 After setting for one experiment with the same parameters, one batch of sample experiments can be completed in sequence; Gather in Suzhou

what these areas have in common is that they are mainly Wu speaking areas, which belong to Wu Yue cultural areas. The strongest regional economic strength in China has also brought the largest paint market in China to the paint industry

2010 Suzhou coating industry exhibition was held in Suzhou International Expo Center from April 7 to 9, 2010, with an exhibition scale of 8000 square meters. It attracted nearly 230 coating industry enterprises from all provinces, cities and regions in China to participate in the exhibition, with nearly 17200 professional visitors

2 the production and manufacturing technology of domestic aluminum body will continue to mature. 011 China Suzhou coating industry exhibition will be held in Suzhou International Expo Center in April, 2011. This exhibition directly faces Jiangsu, Wuxi, Changzhou, Nanjing, Nantong, Hangzhou, Jiaxing and other Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets, and radiates the entire Yangtze River Delta and East China. It is expected that the exhibition area will be 10000 square meters and 300 domestic and foreign enterprises will participate. They will promote the environmental protection and energy saving of the entire coating industry with more green technologies and products. Multi functions will be the focus of this exhibition in Suzhou. It will bring the most advanced new technology, equipment, materials and process for the coating industry in the Yangtze River Delta


exhibition time: April 20-21, 2011 (two days) (9:: 30)

exhibition time: April 22-24, 2011 (three days) (9:: 30)

exhibition time: April 24, 2011 12:00

exhibition scope

chemicals and raw materials:

natural resin, synthetic resin, pigments, solvents, fillers, fillers Additives (including thickener, surfactant, pigment dispersant, emulsifier, cross-linking agent, defoamer/antifoam agent, anti scaling agent, leveling agent, bactericide, drier, stabilizer, wax, etc.)

production and packaging equipment:

color mixing system, mixer/agitator, continuous mixer, intermittent mixer, laboratory tire is a mixer, high-speed disperser Extruders/extruders/kneaders, grinders and their accessories, filters, pumps, meters/weighing devices, dispensing and loading systems, packaging machines, labeling machines, grinding and dispersing media, whole plant equipment and engineering design services, etc.

test instruments:

physical test instruments, chemical test instruments, including automated reel replacement system to achieve uninterrupted production test instruments, optical test instruments, color test instruments Rheological testing instruments, stability testing instruments, etc.

safety and environmental protection equipment and other services:

engineering and technical consulting services, container cleaning equipment, environmental protection and safety equipment, wastewater treatment equipment, solvent recovery, publications/media, e-commerce, etc.

all kinds of coatings, inks and adhesives products

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