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The four power giants launched new energy plans

the industry believes that there is no possibility of profit from large-scale investment in solar power generation at present.

with the rapid development of new energy industry in recent years, customers are welcome to inquire about different products. Traditional power groups have quietly launched new energy development plans

yesterday, the new energy companies of Huadian, Guodian and Datang, among the five major power generation groups in China, as well as the new energy companies of Shenhua Group, a coal-fired power giant, officially announced their goals and status quo, including the development of wind and solar energy industries, at the "2009 Asia photovoltaic Summit" held in Shanghai

wind power is still the key development direction

according to the statistics released by the four major energy groups yesterday, by the end of 2008, the installed capacity of energy will be about 500MW (1mw=1000 kW). By 2010, the installed capacity will reach 850mw, and by 2020, the installed capacity will reach at least 3000 MW to avoid rust. It is expected in the industry that this is still a very conservative figure. With the continuous implementation of the national industrial policies on new energy, especially solar energy, this target may be doubled

according to the previously disclosed new energy revitalization plan draft to be released in July, the total installed capacity of wind power will be increased to about 15000MW by 2020; The development goal of solar PV is the total installed capacity of 2000MW

zhengyuwen, director of the solar energy project development office of Datang Group New Energy Co., Ltd., told the morning post that the installed capacity of Datang new energy was 88mw by the end of last year, which was relatively small overall, but they expected to reach 200MW in 2010 and 1000MW in 2018. However, he stressed that at present, it is only an estimate, and the development speed of this industry is far beyond imagination

according to the data released by the four power generation giants before the economic situation gradually improved, they still focus on wind power development

liangxiaoming, working group of solar energy industry of technology and environmental protection group of China Guodian group, introduced that Guodian officially transformed into a comprehensive energy supplier at the end of 2004, and developed wind power and solar energy in a full range. By the end of 2008, the installed capacity of wind power was 288mw, ranking first in the country among power generation enterprises

the cumulative installed capacity of wind turbines in China has exceeded 1200mW, making China the largest wind power country with an installed capacity of more than 1000 MW, second only to the United States, France and Spain; The total installed capacity of solar energy is only 15MW

solar power generation is difficult to make profits in the short term

wangwenping, manager of the project development department of Guohua Energy Investment Company, a subsidiary of Shenhua Group, a coal power integration enterprise, introduced that as a strategic consideration, the company will focus on the development of wind and solar energy. However, at present, there are also problems in the economy and technology of solar energy, such as electricity price and specific supporting policies, which do not encourage development. Investing in large-scale solar power generation has no possibility of profit in the short term

he told the morning post that Guohua Energy will be at least 10MW solar projects by 2011 and 200MW by 2020

"the company was officially established in September2007. It still focuses on the development of wind power and tracks the development of solar energy and wind energy." Fang Zheng, general manager of new energy company of Huadian Group, said that they are waiting for the energy revitalization plan to be issued. According to the trend of solar energy development, the business sector has adjusted the global warming potential of carbon dioxide products equal to or less than that of carbon dioxide products, and gradually made more involvement

Fang Zheng disclosed that the 1.4mw solar energy project in Putuo District, Shanghai, which was ready at the end of last year, had not been finally constructed before because of the problem of electricity price. Recently, it was officially started because the electricity price of 4 yuan/kwh was approved

in addition, these power giants have not only set their sights on the end of the new energy industry - the power generation stage, but their China Power Group has entered the production of the top polysilicon in the photovoltaic industry. This may be the new strategic direction of the powerful traditional power giant for the development of new energy in the future

liangxiaoming said that in October last year, Guodian technology environmental protection company had established a polysilicon project company in Ningxia, with a total investment of 5billion yuan and a total capacity of 5000 tons. It is planned to complete the project in two phases by October 2010; Prepare to develop the whole industry chain of photovoltaic industry, including polycrystalline silicon, system integration and establishment, and finally the construction, operation and management of power stations

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