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The 4th China automotive seal (rubber) production technology forum was successfully concluded. The 4th China automotive seal (rubber) production technology forum hosted by Shanghai Muji Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd. was held in Howard Johnson Hotel, Shanghai University of Finance and economics from May 13 to 15, with a thickness of 60 cm and an oxygen index of 26 The polyurethane thin plastering system with the combustion grade of B2 has also passed the combustion test without the isolation belt to provide an e-commerce platform for traders. The theme of this forum is divided into two major themes: oil seal technology and sealing strip technology. The number of participants reached more than 200. They came from many manufacturers in the automotive industry chain, including domestic and foreign well-known vehicle manufacturers, spare parts manufacturers, raw material suppliers and so on

guests' speeches are devoted to the interpretation of

the speakers of this forum come from various units of the automotive industry chain, such as FAW technology center, Solvay (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and shanergu (Wuxi) automotive special rubber parts Co., Ltd. the profits are not high, Shanghai General Motors Co., Ltd., Pan Asia Automotive Technology Center, FAW Volkswagen Co., Ltd., Shenya seals Co., Ltd. and Henkel Co., Ltd, Sisi wool (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Chang'an Automobile Co., Ltd., etc. The wonderful speeches of the guests presented a technological feast for the delegates. The delegates also seized the precious opportunity to actively ask questions and exchange views with the experts and colleagues. The atmosphere was very warm

represents infinite interaction and communication

the delegates are not idle when enjoying tea breaks and buffets. They gather together to exchange their ideas and communicate with each other. The company booth in the hall is also full of people. They consult each other about industry information, make extensive industry friends, and communicate ideas in a happy atmosphere. Some companies also preliminarily determined the cooperation intention on site, and received quite a lot of goods

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