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During the chinaprint2013 exhibition, a grand new product launch was held at the booth of Shanghai Electric Printing and packaging machinery group, and the offset printer Gauss magnum compact printer, which combines traditional offset printing technology with digital printing, was launched for the first time. This is the second in the world to regularly check the transmission of the sprocket. It is a highly automated compact 2*1 newspaper, book and semi commercial rotary offset press, which breaks the limitations of the traditional rotary offset press and has the ability to challenge ink-jet digital printing

at the information sharing meeting of chinaprint 2013 held on July 11, zhangyingxing, assistant general manager of the sales company of Gauss international graphic printing system (China) Co., Ltd., a global rotary offset printing giant, introduced magnum compact innovative web offset press. Zhang Yingxing said: Nowadays, Internet, new media and digital printing have had a great impact on traditional industries, and the paper media is the first to bear the brunt. The tide of digitalization is sweeping the world. While the digital revolution brings progress to the world, it also makes many traditional industries at risk. As a manufacturer of traditional printing equipment, we can not wait to die. We must comply with the trend, actively innovate and change, and remain in the forefront. The new generation of web offset press magnum compact designed by Gauss with innovative ideas is the result of Gauss' active change

in his speech, Zhang Yingxing focused on the four technical highlights of Magnum compact's new web offset press:

I. the height of the printing tower has been greatly reduced

most newspapers and some books, periodicals and magazines in the world are printed by tower presses, which are characterized by high speed and high efficiency, but there is also a problem. What is the "gauge distance" and "displacement" is that the height reaches more than 4.5 meters, plus the paper passing roller above, As high as 4.7 meters or more, in addition to the necessary height requirements for the plant, the workers also have high work intensity and high maintenance requirements. Gauss magnum compact has made a major innovation in the design idea, that is, it has greatly reduced the height of the machine, reduced the height of the printing tower to less than 2.8m, and changed the two-story operation to one-story operation, which has completely solved the problem of plant height and inconvenient operation of workers

the traditional printing part is that the printing cylinder and the ink path system are all on one wall panel, while Gauss' new design divides the wall panel into three. The middle wall panel is installed with the printing cylinder and the water conveyance system, and the symmetrical wall panels on both sides are installed with the ink conveyance system, so that the whole height can be greatly compressed. The most novel thing is that the ink wall panels on both sides can be opened smoothly, so that the operators can easily enter the interior to replace the rubber roller, disassemble the rubber blanket and other necessary maintenance work. Another feature is that the ink path on both sides is suitable for printing rollers with different diameters. If you need to print products of different specifications, just replace the middle part, and the ink path on both sides can be used universally

II. Automatic version changing device

in the era of increasingly high human resource costs, how to improve the automation of equipment and reduce the use of labor force has become the most difficult problem for enterprise leaders. Magnum compact adopts the automatic version change design. The biggest advantage of the newly sintered iron plate is that it has both anti slip ability and excellent friction coefficient. It can be put into the version loading mechanism, press the button, and then the old version can be removed and the new version can be automatically installed. Eight printing plates of a tower can be replaced at the same time. The whole version change process takes less than 30 seconds, and it can really be done with one key. The removed old version will not be damaged at all and can still be used. If the traditional manual operation is adopted, it will take about 10 minutes for two people to load the version at the same time, and the removed version is basically damaged and cannot be used again. The application of this set of automatic plate changing device not only reduces the number of crew, but also greatly reduces the prepress preparation time and material consumption. This set of automatic version change mechanism seems simple, but in fact it is designed very skillfully. Zhang Yingxing compared the effect of automatic version change with traditional manual operation

III. Gauss digirail digital ink fountain

Gauss digirail digital ink fountain is actually a set of digital control inkjet device installed at the original position of the ink fountain. The system is composed of 4 inkjet pumps. Since the ink supply is controlled digitally according to the actual needs of the layout, there is no unnecessary waste, and the cleaning is also very convenient. The ink, plate and paper used are still the most commonly used materials for offset printing, which will not add any additional cost to the enterprise. Its biggest advantage is that, on the premise of maintaining the printing advantage of traditional rotary offset printing with large printing volume, it can print as few as 500 copies of short edition business, thus providing more flexibility and opportunities for printing enterprises to undertake business, so it can be comparable to digital printing in a certain range

IV. shaftless drive control system

magnum compact adopts shaftless drive control. Each printing tower is equipped with 7 shaftless motors as standard to control each part. The printing part consists of 4 motors, which mainly control the operation of the printing drum; There are 2 ink path systems, which respectively control the operation of ink rollers; There is one set in the paper feeding part, which mainly adjusts the tension of the paper path. In addition, the advanced control system of automatic preset and start sequence makes the whole machine more accessible and flexible

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