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With the increasing competition in the printing [encyclopedia Weibo] market, it has become an inevitable choice for printing enterprises to seek profit growth points other than the traditional offset printing business. In this environment, value-added printing has become the most popular industry language in recent years. Value added printing is a two-way strategy, that is, to improve production efficiency and increase product value. Improving production efficiency is manifested in shortening processing time and reducing production cost; The improvement of product value is reflected in the improvement of product quality and the production of distinctive and differentiated prints. In order to meet the two needs of value-added printing, offset printing machines must provide more and more additional functions of value-added printing, and the degree of automation must be higher and higher. On line hot stamping is an effective solution to realize value-added printing. The following will take stock of several mainstream offset printing line cold pressing technologies

detection methods include water leakage test. As part of Manroland's value-added printing concept, Roland 700 hiprint and inlinefoiler prindor online cold pressing devices have attracted the attention of printing enterprises. Printing enterprises can use inlinefoiler prindor online cold pressing devices to print greeting cards, labels, high-end commercial printing and other printing products. This new process is also popular in the field of high-quality folding carton manufacturing. These manufacturers are looking for a new and more economical value-added way of hot stamping. In addition to the single foil roll method, it is often possible to obtain orders for multi foil roll models that can hot stamp five foil rolls of different widths together. Hans Christian bestehorn, chairman of leuisman, believes that the new printing machine equipped with inlinefolder prindor online cold pressing device has greatly improved our production capacity because we have eliminated an offline process. One of the best is that the overprint of online hot stamping is very accurate. Of course, we have also increased our design categories. The image produced by overprinting on metal foil is impossible to achieve before

Heidelberg foilstar connection cold pressing module

for the newly developed foilstar module of Heidelberg Speedmaster CD74 and Speedmaster CD102 series, cold foil transfer processing is carried out on the substrate on the basis of mature offset printing technology, and the effect of metal texture is fully displayed. This new technology not only provides an ideal alternative to hot foil stamping process for enterprises engaged in packaging, label printing and commercial printing, but also expands a series of new application fields

cold foil transfer star uses two offset units to complete cold foil transfer. In the first unit, the ink supply unit and the offset plate are used for local gluing or full plate gluing. The other printing unit is the actual cold foil transfer unit, which is equipped with a conveying and winding device with cold foil. Under the pressure of the embossing cylinder and the blanket cylinder, the metal foil and the paper stick together and are transported to the place where the substrate is coated. After removing the bottom foil, the metal layer remains on the paper surface. After the subsequent printing unit overprints on the surface of the metal foil, it can show a series of colorful effects. Another advantage is that these two printing units can also be used as normal printing units for printing, and the conversion is very fast. Engel machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has demonstrated the new speed of the world's first infusion drip bucket one-step injection molding

cold foil transfer star can process up to six foil rolls of various widths, saving about 50% of the cost

gaobao's CF metal foil cold pressing on-line production device

gaobao's CF metal foil cold pressing on-line production device can realize the indentation and hot stamping process, meet the production needs of high-quality label and packaging printing, and eliminate the restrictions of existing equipment on forming diversity by combining with metal foil embossing and silk printing. It can also achieve the effect of original stamping. Relevant models can be equipped with this device

Komori has loaded a high-performance Komori cold foil transfer machine

in order to meet the value-added printing needs of customers, Komori has loaded a high-performance Komori cold foil transfer machine on the mainstream model, such as lithrone s29

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