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PP synthetic paper with wide application prospects is made of polypropylene and calcium carbonate mixed calendering and simple operation. It has the characteristics of exquisite printing, soft texture and low price. At the same time, it also has many advantages that natural paper does not have, such as excellent waterproof performance. Compared with the traditional synthetic paper, the traditional synthetic paper needs special ink when printing, which has the advantages of long drying time, high cost and poor folding. While PP synthetic paper is produced with a new process, its printing performance, folding performance, antistatic performance and drying performance have been significantly improved. It can be printed with ordinary ink, and the cost is only about 1/3 of that of general synthetic paper

the production of PP synthetic paper fully meets the requirements of today's environmental protection by reducing the structural quality and extending the voyage. The production of PP synthetic paper does not need any plants and trees, and there is no waste water discharge. It can be recycled after use. G this is of great significance to protect limited wood resources, effectively protect the ecological environment and prevent pollution in today's increasingly reduced forest resources. No wonder experts call PP synthetic paper a revolution in the traditional paper industry. PP synthetic paper not only has good waterproof performance, but also has the characteristics of insect proof, moth proof, moisture-proof, mildew proof, good light resistance and light transmittance, and is non-toxic, harmless and wear-resistant. Therefore, it has become an excellent material for the packaging of drugs, health products, food and so on. The dynamometer pointer stays still or suddenly drops to the point and then swings in a small limit. At this time, it deforms and adds a kind of synthetic paper quickly. It can be used as anti-counterfeiting packaging materials and anti-counterfeiting label and bill making materials, which will play an important role in protecting all kinds of famous brand products. In addition, due to the good plasticity of PP synthetic paper, the vacuum formed packaging is far better than the packaging effect of other papers in appearance, color, paper feeling, fastness and so on

in addition to being used as packaging materials, PP synthetic paper can also be used as printing materials such as calendars, pictorials, business cards, poker, advertisements, book covers, etc. it is also an ideal paper for long-term preservation of files, certificates and other materials. It can be expected that the application field of PP synthetic paper will be more and more extensive

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