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The practical application of process control system Zenon in BMW

the precision manufacturing of famous automobile manufacturer BMW in the automotive industry relies on Zenon software provided by copa-data company in salzburgian, Austria. It is a powerful tool with control equipment, monitoring the scene and all documents, and intelligent communication

in greysburg, Germany, the energy supply center of the BMW 3 Series car factory located there is responsible for monitoring the supply of all energy, compressed air and other materials of BMW

the equipment integrity rate plays a key role in the energy supply center. It is responsible for the air conditioning and temperature control of all large capacity boilers, thermal power stations and heat exchangers, as well as the supply of the entire power supply (supplying 400V output voltage through 10kV intermediate voltage input 110kV voltage conversion). In addition, it also undertakes the supply of compressed air, 3 natural gas, as well as welding gas and argon used in the body welding workshop Oxygen supply and various water supply monitoring tasks. The staff manages about 3500 sets of equipment. Although these equipment have various control systems running, they are not responsible for the control and management technology of the production process. As the equipment serviceability rate is extremely important in the field of automobile production, in order to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, the staff must be divided into five shifts and managed 24 hours in turn

The various functions of the Zenon software control system greatly simplify this work. The staff can clearly display all the equipment and production process of the energy supply center on the screen in the central control room. The highly modern technology of Zenon software achieves the integration of device management because of its open structure and easy operation

tr15 department is a department responsible for equipment management at BMW. Jurgen straussberger, director of the Department, told us that in the planning stage before the equipment is put into production, they should determine the requirements and standards for the adopted system scheme. Their standard is: Open System - must 2. Due to the characteristics of the pipe, the bellows ring stiffness testing machine can be upgraded from the field decentralized management level to the centralized control level. They will not consider the system that is only equipped with a certain operating system or must rely on the improvement of the manufacturer. They have always insisted that they do not rely on the products of a single manufacturer. Because standard network information products are allowed to be replaced at any time, they avoid using products specially designed for them. What they need is hardware products of standard network information technology

the project engineer responsible for cooperating with copa-data can ensure this by using Zenon software. With tcp/ip protocol, the whole set of equipment management technology can be applied in the internal local area and integrated with the business management system through local communication. Zenon clients can run in Windows NT environment, and smart drives allow Zenon clients to communicate with all systems distributed on the site that meet the standard of silicon. After operation, the control system is easy to shut down and the discarded components are treated. However, some process interfaces need to be drawn, so some measures need to be taken previously

Minister strausseberger believed that the Zenon system was easy to operate, so the staff could draw the process interface by themselves after only two days of training. They can draw the Zenon image interface when the system is running or on standby according to the change of department workload. Since all the drawing work is carried out in the windows environment, the work is more simplified. In addition, as far as the production process itself is concerned, the staff is an expert in this field. They know the process like the palm of their hand, and understand which data point should be connected with which value, which change is necessary, and which monitoring is important. Therefore, as long as we can understand the process in advance, there is no need to consult the developers, so they have gained the cost advantage. But for developers, these uncomplicated standard equipment depend on their product prices, so it is also reasonable to work with developers

zenon software solution

in order to reduce the operation cost, as early as six years ago, through the use of intelligent distributed connection mode, the central control technology has changed the energy supply problem of thermal power plants, generating 50% of the electric energy and thermal energy for the process control system. Since the first use of Zenon software immediately achieved satisfactory results, BMW decided to choose the product of cop-data. BMW completes the monitoring through data transmission, ensuring the high stability of the equipment system. In the process of intelligent communication, not all 3500 sets of equipment need to be checked regularly, because once any change occurs, it will become information, and the information will be transmitted to the control system, which will produce a large amount of data

information management for production process is the key part of the scheme. By using popular and convenient tools, such as web browser, staff can access a large amount of data, and continuously access data through intelligent application integration. In addition, Ethernet also plays a very important role in the standardized communication means from the field level to the management level

the testability of each system is another focus, as is the case for copa-data. Some successful applications and case projects have strong persuasion and credibility. For example, lechwerk in Augsburg realized the use of a heat pump to supply the heat energy of a district by using Zenon software. After about one and a half years of preparation, this project was put into operation and operated well two years ago. At the same time, due to the fact that 1/4 of BMW's projects are still unfinished, the projects can only be completed by the end of the year, which means that every data point must be tested. At present, 40000 existing data using the new central control technology have been tested. When the project is completed, the number of data points will reach 50000. Minister strausseberger told that although there would be occasional failures, the operation of the project has never led to trouble for the whole plant

controlled distributed equipment

the energy supply center has 200 sub stations, which mainly use SIMATIC S5 135u to collect information. In the future, BMW will use PLC from other manufacturers. Because many controllers are equipped with Zenon software, these PLC operations are also very convenient. With a sub station, the equipment can operate independently. Even if the central control technology is not adopted temporarily, the equipment can operate. About 250 PLCs are used for process control. Some sub stations are connected with additional small PLCs, while other sub stations on VIPA components can be used as interfaces. Mr. Di Thorsten Hegel is the project leader of prozesstechnik Kropf. He believes that through Zenon software, different sub stations (such as RLT, ELT, intermediate voltage, etc.) in Regensburg factory are connected with the control system. Proposed by BMW, copa-data and VIPA, they jointly developed intelligent process technology

computer redundancy technology is another feature of Zenon software standardization function. This means that only data that has changed in the automation station or within the user-defined lag range can be transmitted. What will this mean

in order to reduce the amount of data transmission and improve network performance, define (lag) values in percentage and absolute value for each data point. If the value (such as temperature) changes within the defined range, the data is no longer transmitted. If the data continues to change accordingly, beyond the defined range, it will be transmitted to the process control computer. The switching value appearing on the computer together with the analog value is filtered out in the above way and is not transmitted as a variable value. Therefore, even with the above amount of data points, the network load is very low. Since the automation equipment of most manufacturers contains components compatible with intelligent process control, the BMW central plant in Munich, Germany, has also used Zenon software together with intelligent process technology to run PLC of different manufacturers through communication technology

2. According to the wire diameter in the parameter table, select the clip arc radius r

web's most important function

use Zenon web server to browse the whole process locally. This means that BMW can access process data through standard cable filters (MS Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator). Using Zenon web server, you can also browse all the current process interfaces in the local area, and complete the display of process data on the network without making changes in the project. This alone greatly saves BMW's investment and operation costs

Zenon software used in BMW plant in Regensburg, Germany, is not only used as a production process control system with the traditional client/server structure, but also a visualization tool used in many devices. What BMW benefits most from Zenon software is that the previously created data base can be integrated into the production process control system in the control room, so it does not need to spend a lot of time on data interface conversion of the production process control system. At the same time, after seven years of research and development, Zenon software, as a standard component and measurable product, is the only application system software in the world that can support from Windows CE to Windows 2000 and based on Windows operating environment. Because all systems using Zenon software are equipped with such a same data base, although the cost of visualization will increase the corresponding cost, even the smallest equipment can be easily integrated into the whole system, which is easy to control and low cost

another feature is the distributed hierarchical structure in lan/wan supported by Zenon software. The multi project management function in the system is an important foundation. A client can access not only one server (typical client/server structure), but also several servers distributed in the network (distributed client/server structure). From a project in the control room, several sub projects can be managed independently at the same time. Large projects can be divided into several small projects, which is easy to detect

if the local servers are redundant with each other, the two servers can keep their data consistent through the existing network connection. If the main server (data processing server) fails, the standby server can immediately replace the main server, so as to avoid data loss

It doesn't matter whether the server is an industrial computer server or a Zenon server, because the software structure supports both servers. BMW uses the network client manager, which can run 500 conversion programs at the same time. This client was developed and improved by BMW, so it can be used in large factories. Copa-data company confirmed that this client can respond immediately according to the needs of customers

various alarm management

alarm management is realized through the control room monitoring system. It is an integral part of the Zenon process control system, so the staff in the control room can confirm and classify the process that it only controls 1 specific parameter input. The monitoring system in the control room is based on SQL compatible database. Through database dialogue, data reports of equipment alarms can be displayed and counted in the local area. In the preventive maintenance area, the failure frequency can be found earlier and eliminated

according to the type and importance of the information, the information is transmitted to the device management system through the existing Ethernet. The MP5 of the manufacturer datastream manages the

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