Two units of the hottest River Steel Group won the

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Two units of Hegang group won the quality award of Hebei provincial government

two units of Hegang group won the quality award of Hebei provincial government

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recently, at the conference on the implementation of quality strengthening and standardization strategy held in Hebei Province, 163 Units with low accuracy won the "Hebei Provincial Government Quality Award", among which two units of Hegang group Hegang Chenggang and Hegang Shigang won this honor. After all, due to the differences between the counterparty and its core transaction terms on the issue of shares and the payment of cash to purchase assets,

the Hebei provincial government quality award is the highest quality Honorary Award established by the provincial government, which is divided into organization award and individual award. Among them, the organization award mainly recognizes the units registered in the administrative region of Hebei Province, with remarkable quality management performance, product (Engineering, service, etc.) quality level, independent innovation ability and management level, which are in a leading position in the domestic industry, and have made positive contributions to the economic and social development of Hebei Province

Relying on the scientific and technological innovation platform, Hecheng steel has continuously improved the basis of technical quality management, established an efficient and stable quality assurance system, and made every effort to build various series of high-end products into high-quality products, so as to steadily improve the quality management level, and continuously improve the brand image and market share of products

Shijiazhuang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. of Hegang adheres to the quality policy of "taking customer demand as the guide, pursuing excellence as the goal, and making the most valuable special steel products with fine management as the guarantee", establishes a process based management mode, and strengthens process quality control; Carry out in-depth quality double improvement activities. Youhong news universal experimental machine is an ideal cost-effective experimental system for scientific research institutes, metallurgical construction, national defense and military industry, colleges and universities, machinery manufacturing, transportation and other industries. It carries out quality research around customer needs and high-end products, continues to improve product quality and service quality, and creates the core competitiveness of enterprises

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