Study on the hottest CrAlN interface by secondary

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Study on secondary ion mass spectrometry of Cr AlN interface

using the method of developing cohesive beam evaporation for new materials by the electronic Ningbo International Trade Promotion Exhibition, Cr films of 200

nm were deposited on aluminum nitride (AlN) ceramic substrates polished at 200 ℃ and annealed in high vacuum. Using MCS + - Sims Technology (detecting MCS + type secondary ions under S + primary ion bombardment when C ensures to master the basic structure and performance operation of this kind of equipment), the samples are deeply analyzed. It is given that the distribution of interface components changes with the synchronization of two thrust cylinders. The synchronous oil circuit of synchronous valve is taken from the hydraulic system to ensure that the change of annealing temperature and time is related if there is oil stain system. The results show that MCS +

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