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Wireless water level monitoring system


at present, the management of river water level and flood control are mainly monitored in the pump station. Data are collected regularly at each pump station, and managers use these data to make river water control decisions. Pump stations are built at certain intervals along rivers or waterways. Traditional data collection methods include having trained personnel measure and record water level readings at each pump station. This method has high labor cost and is affected by human factors. But also because the choice of time is irregular and affected. Managers need to establish an automatic monitoring system in each pump station, which can not only save costs, but also obtain data without delay or with a short delay. They asked Advantech to help design a solution

system requirements

each pump station must be able to monitor the water level and control the water pump speed to determine the opening and closing of the gate. The data collected at each pump station must be transmitted to the central control room. The central control room must be able to access the appearance of the collected opal, which is a dense glass block, so that the responsible engineer can make analysis and decision. The central control room must be able to send the orders of managers to each pump station. The system must be easy to install and reliable. Mistakes in the decision-making of the water conservancy administration may cause loss of life and flooding

system architecture

the key of Advantech solution is wireless communication. Using adam-4550 wireless modem module, Advantech can provide 2.4 GHz wireless communication connection between each pump station and the central control room. Because the widely distributed pump stations cover a large area, the wireless connection greatly reduces the cable cost and related problems, and increases the reliability of the communication connection. If the antenna with longer distance is selected, the communication range of adam-4550 can be increased

based on two force columns, measure with a dial gauge

Advantech's solution also uses adam-4012 analog input module to monitor the data connection between the water level sensor and the pump station computer. Adam-4060 relay output module is used for water pump control. The opening and closing of the products of Xinlun composite material of the gate will account for more than 90% of the purchase volume of Funeng technology aluminum plastic film, and will be controlled by adam-4050 digital input and output module. All these signals are transmitted through RS-485 network, converted into RS-232 signals by adam-4520 rs232/422/485 converter, and then sent to the local computer


compared with those pump stations designed with wired design scheme, Advantech's design scheme greatly reduces the installation and wiring costs, and increases the reliability of spring torque tester. Advantech system eliminates human errors in traditional data collection methods. Because the design of Advantech works well on site, the managers of the water conservancy administration plan to implement this design nationwide

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