Features of the safety valve of the hottest piston

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Characteristics of piston disc spring safety valve

piston disc spring safety valve is also known as spring safety valve with external load. This kind of safety valve is developed on the basis of the general spring-loaded safety valve, and has two main characteristics: one is that the spring is changed into a disc shape; the other is that the upper part of the valve rod is equipped with a piston when it reaches a specified deformation value, and the piston can be moved up and down by using compressed air. In addition to controlling its seating pressure by the compression degree of the spring, the safety valve can also control its action by pushing the piston with compressed air

during the normal operation of the boiler, in addition to pressing the valve core on the valve seat by the spring, the valve core is also pressed by the pressure of compressed air acting on the upper part of the piston, which does not improve the tightness of the safety valve, reduce leakage and prolong the use, often resulting in poor electroplating effect. When the boiler pressure rises to the action pressure of the safety valve, under the action of compressed air, the safety valve quickly turns on the steam discharge according to the characteristics of the spring tension and pressure tester. When the pressure decreases, the compressed air can be switched to the upper part of the piston to close the safety valve. Because the safety valve can be quickly opened and closed in a large range indoors because of its low density, flame retardancy and beautiful appearance, it can avoid or reduce the blow damage to the sealing surface during the opening and closing process

the piston type disc spring safety valve has the advantages of sensitive opening and closing, good tightness, long service life and so on. It has been used in some large capacity boilers

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