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Wisdom tooth technology was awarded the "2016 top 50 Chinese enterprise service innovation and growth"

on December 1, the 100 future leaders summit and 2016 venture state annual meeting were held at the National Convention Center in Beijing, during which the annual enterprise service heavyweight list was released. Wisdom tooth technology, which has been deeply involved in the field of intelligent customer service, stood out from thousands of enterprises and was awarded the top 50 enterprises in China for service innovation and growth in 2016

the 2016 top 50 Chinese enterprise service innovation growth was initiated by the state of entrepreneurship and launched during the 2016 state of entrepreneurship annual meeting. The selection scope covers all companies whose main business is independent operation in Chinese Mainland, and new materials is the most important emerging industry in the material industry, involving cloud services, big data, SaaS, enterprise procurement, general technology, human resources, security services, marketing services, law, finance and taxation and many other subdivisions

with the theme of opening new outlets, this summit gathered 500 summit cooperative enterprises, more than 1000 corporate celebrities and more than 2000 investors. The annual award of China's top 50 enterprises for service innovation and growth was presented at the scene, and wisdom tooth technology won awards together with well-known enterprises such as sunshine printing, golden pomelo, red circle marketing, salary and salary. After bearing a lot of force, it will produce shear fracture in the direction of about 45 degrees.

the venture capital believes that the top 50 enterprises in China's service innovation and growth this time are highly representative in terms of the status of subdivisions, product positioning, innovation trends, service capabilities, society and other aspects, and are well deserved industry leaders. In this selection, we are all exploring the unicorn of innovation and growth in the field of enterprise services, establishing industry benchmarks, leading industry norms, and revealing new fields. At the same time, more outstanding enterprises are encouraged to constantly innovate in service technology, service awareness, service mode, etc., Polish efficiency optimization, and realize the completion and production of high-quality services as soon as possible

wisdom tooth customer service system under wisdom tooth technology effectively integrates natural language understanding, machine learning and big data technology, and solves the pain points of enterprise customer service that cannot be solved by traditional customer service in the mobile era and experience economy. It is the industry's first robot + manual customer service mode, and takes the lead in realizing the functional integration of robot + manual customer service + work order + call center, providing the most comprehensive intelligent customer service solution in the industry at present, It has led to forward-looking changes in the customer service industry

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