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Compact Panel PC with groundbreaking appearance concept design and IP65 protection grade cp72xx

with the introduction of cp72xx, Beckhoff released a new generation of panel PC. This generation of products with superior performance is specially designed for assembly on the mobile hanging arm. It not only has all the performance required by the automatic control of advanced mechanical equipment, but also has an extremely compact shape design. Of course, it also meets other basic industrial application needs, such as dust prevention and stability

cp72xx is an "economical" industrial computer type of Beckhoff, and all its external surfaces meet the protection grade of IP65. The waterproof and dustproof aluminum shell contains an ultra compact motherboard developed by Beckhoff, which is only 98 mm thick. This attached industrial computer has a 1.5GHz Intel Celeron m processor, or can be upgraded to a 1.8GHz Pentium M processor. By the second half of this year, it can be upgraded to Intel coretmduo or coretm2duo processor, with the main frequency of 2.16ghz

Beckhoff's "economical" compact Panel PC cp72xx meets all advanced mechanical control needs

because Beckhoff provides a large number of different LCD configurations, this panel PC has up to 38 different models to choose from. For example, 1 China's steel structure market is still in slow development. 2 ", 15", or 19 "TFT LCD can be equipped with touch screen and touch mouse board functions. Mrs. Pingma vacated three from the seven bags she was carrying and handed them to volunteers. There are many different choices on the front of the screen, including only the display screen, membrane function keys, number keys, or alphanumeric keys and more PLC keys. In addition, it can also provide customized front appearance design

diversified mobile boom installation

this panel PC can work in an ambient temperature of up to 45 degrees Celsius. The whole system is cooled by a cooling grid installed between the screen and the computer. It can be installed on an integrated and rotatable hanging arm. Therefore, the hanging arm can be hung from above or supported from below. All connecting cables are arranged inside the hanging arm

this industrial computer has at most five cable interfaces that conform to IP65. They are located in the wiring area on the back of the machine and can be easily plugged in and out. The interface cover can be easily opened without removing the machine from the boom. Since it has been equipped with two independent Ethernet interfaces, cp72xx is very suitable for the application of EtherCAT control system as a compact central processing platform. Gigabit Ethernet ports can be directly connected to the upper LAN

the panel PC of cp72xx series is powered by 24V power supply, which will cause the main cost to be too high. It can also be powered by PS module and external battery of low precision group through the group with the largest u △ vs value. WindowsCE is the operating system in the basic configuration. If a large capacity CF card is applied, embedded WindowsXP can also be used as an alternative operating system; If the machine is equipped with a hard disk, WindowsXP professional edition can also be used as a substitute. This device can install two hard disks or one CF card and one hard disk at the same time

direct integration of traditional bus

cp72xx has a spare Mini PCI slot. If Beckhoff's Mini PCI bus card is applied, this cp72xx can realize traditional bus control, such as PROFIBUS, CANopen, DeviceNet, or SERCOS. In addition, there is another option, that is, insert a mini PCI card with a third Ethernet port, and then the redundant control of ethercati/o can be realized

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