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Wisdom tooth customer service 4.0 gray-scale launch to create a unified customer service platform in the smart era

on January 20, wisdom tooth customer service 4.0 gray-scale launch. On the basis of continuing and optimizing the functions of intelligent robots, one-stop management of Omni channel users and big data analysis, the 4.0 version of grayscale online this time realizes the functional integration of robots + manual customer service + work orders, provides the most comprehensive intelligent customer service solution in the industry at present, and leads the forward-looking changes in the industry

with the in-depth development of Internet in the detection of the new national standard, connecting people, connecting ends, connecting inside and outside will be called the trend of enterprise mobile office. Business oriented mobile office has become the first choice for enterprises, and customer service is the platform channel that can carry the connection between enterprises and users. The 4.0 version of wisdom tooth gray online not only provides the most perfect robot + manual + work order customer service system and perfect Omni channel access support in the industry, but also adds multiple product modules and starts to evolve to a more perfect and open unified customer service platform:

1. Work order center: let the whole company participate in the collaborative processing of customer service. Customer service is no longer isolated. Through the work order, the internal resources of the enterprise can flow together around customer service, so that customers' questions can be answered more comprehensively and deeply, and can be tracked at any time in the whole process

2. App customer service workbench: in the mobile era, put customers' clothes into their pockets. In the era of mobile Internet, customer service needs to provide services anytime and anywhere. The app customer service workbench puts customers' clothes in its pocket, so that the communication between enterprises and customers can never be interrupted

4.0 customer service system is the first and most important step for wisdom teeth to realize the customer service ecosystem. In addition to the new functions, wisdom tooth customer service version 4.0 also optimizes and upgrades the core functions of the 3.0 moisture absorption version:

customer service robot with an accuracy of 97%. In version 4.0, the semantic analysis algorithm is comprehensively optimized, and a greeting library is added to make the customer service robot more intelligent. Save 85% of customer service cost while accurately understanding and answering customers' business questions; At the same time, the way of adding knowledge base becomes more convenient, and the combination of wisdom tooth's original intelligent learning technology makes the knowledge base grow faster

comprehensively master customer service data and improve customer service assessment: the new statistical system not only enriches the statistical content of big data, but also supports real-time data query and display, so that enterprises can have a panoramic view of all information and provide data and suggestions needed for perfect customer service assessment and customer service improvement

the new UI interface pays equal attention to beauty and practicality: the system that meets with customer service every day must have a high appearance value. In order to ensure the efficiency of customer service, it is divided into hydraulic horizontal tensile testing machine and electronic horizontal tensile testing machine according to power, and the use experience. We have done a lot of interactive optimization work, which makes 4.0 have an excellent experience improvement compared with 3.0

richer customer service functions, specially designed for customer service: skill group, problem summary, evaluation push, user tag, work order synchronization, customer service message and other exclusive customer service functions, to help enterprises easily complete the construction of customer service team

it is reported that the core users of wisdom tooth 4.0 are all smart tooth core users. For the customer service robot with higher response accuracy, Zhang Bin, the customer service director of finance plus, said: the 3.0 version of the robot has greatly alleviated the pressure of manual customer service, and has more expectations for the upgraded customer service robot and work order module, hoping to be better (1) for the laboratory machine manufacturing enterprises to improve efficiency and better enhance the cooperation of the whole company. In addition, other functions in wisdom tooth 4.0 will also be launched one by one to provide more support for enterprise customer service

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