Features of the hottest vacuum valve

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Features of vacuum valve

first, the valve body of small-diameter high vacuum flapper valve has reliable grounding wire for precision casting

high-tech precision casting technology and equipment, so that stainless steel castings can completely obtain a dense structure. There are no casting defects such as "pores, looseness and sand inclusion". The appearance is neat and beautiful. The leakage index of valve body is better than pa.m3/s. It is fully applicable to ultra-high vacuum conditions

II. The anti oil return performance of gyc-jq series electromagnetic high vacuum differential pressure charging valve has been greatly improved

through the improvement of the structure of high vacuum differential pressure charging valve, the product performance is more reliable and more suitable for the working conditions of mechanical vacuum pump. The following three key capabilities have been improved: (1) The valve closing time is shortened to < 0.7 seconds, which is more conducive to preventing oil return; (2). The valve opening time is of practical use value, with a slight delay. The valve can be opened only after the vacuum reaches a certain value. If there is no differential pressure, it will return to the normally open state; (3). The vacuum leakage index of the product has been improved, from the original low vacuum value to the high vacuum value, which can fully meet the requirements of high vacuum working conditions, such as the safety valve used as the air inlet of the vane pump with higher requirements

III. The unique one-piece high vacuum air-conditioning throttle valve is superior in regulating the pumping speed.

the one-piece high vacuum regulating ball valve adopts a "V" type throttle port, which makes the regulating pumping speed more superior. It is installed on the main pumping pipe of the single crystal furnace to regulate the pumping rate of the furnace body, changing the old-fashioned "butterfly valve + baffle valve" combination form

IV. gdc-j electromagnetic high vacuum baffle can withstand 10mgy γ Ray illumination; Valve and DDC-JQ electromagnetic vacuum, and the printed plastic product inflation valve coil will not produce high temperature after being energized for a long time

scientific circuit control and electromagnetic circuit design make the solenoid valve coil always work in a state of high efficiency and power saving. Working continuously at room temperature of 30 ℃ for 72 hours, the coil surface temperature is ≤ 55 ℃, and the product shell temperature is lower. And the electronic components do not heat up. This will never cause the coil to burn out

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