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Wisdom tooth customer service was invited to participate in the cloud habitat conference to discuss how to plug in AI wings for customer service

the 2017 Hangzhou cloud habitat conference with Feitian intelligence as the theme opened in Yunqi Town, Hangzhou, Zhejiang on October 11. The four-day conference was jointly hosted by the Hangzhou Municipal People's government, Alibaba group and ant financial group, and nearly 50000 guests from 67 countries and regions around the world attended. According to reports, this year, about 450 science and technology enterprises participated in the exhibition, focusing on the latest scientific and technological innovations in the fields of artificial intelligence, visual intelligence, chip computing, quantum computing, cloud computing, big data, driverless, smart home, urban management and so on

with the fame of alphago, it has also led to the vigorous development of artificial intelligence. ". AI touches more and more fields, but its best application field must be customer service. Intelligent customer service is an industry oriented customer service system developed on the basis of large-scale knowledge processing. It not only provides enterprises with fine-grained knowledge management technology, but also establishes a fast and effective technical means based on natural language processing for the communication between enterprises and a large number of users. Compared with traditional customer service, the application of artificial intelligence in the field of customer service has great advantages, because based on big data processing and AI technology, personalized services and precise marketing can be carried out

this yunqi conference invited smart tooth customer service, ant financial, Alibaba Xiaomi and others in the field of intelligent customer service to jointly discuss how to add AI wings to customer service. Long Zhongwu, co-founder of smart tooth customer service, believes that traditional customer service services are reception and responsive. When you come, ask questions, and I'll answer you. If you are satisfied, leave. Now intelligent customer service is not only a responsive service, but also mixed with the demands of operation, and even some sales demands. It combines pre-sales, sales and after-sales scenarios to provide customers with a better service experience

except 2 Cantilever beam: the advantage of 3.5m/s intelligent customer service in enterprise service. This conference also discussed some problems encountered in the rapid development of intelligent customer service, such as:

1. How to balance technical input and commercial output. Enterprise service is a long-term revenue process, but the initial investment should not protrude from the surface of the parts. It is huge. How to balance properly is a big problem that every intelligent customer service enterprise faces

2. How should the technology and product find the right scene to solve the problem, and how to improve the accuracy after finding the right scene

3. How can AI and labor be combined to maximize customer conversion and key customer satisfaction. Based on labor, customer conversion rate and satisfaction can be improved, but the cost is too high; Based on AI, the cost is low, but the conversion rate and satisfaction are also low. AI assisted labor is a better solution to this problem in the future, but how to better combine AI and labor according to the scene is a problem that every enterprise should balance

at present, artificial intelligence is still in its infancy. Although it is not long since its birth, intelligent customer service has developed rapidly and has a strong momentum. Everyone present at the meeting is full of confidence in the future development of intelligent customer service. The trend of the future customer service field must be open, integrated and intelligent

wisdom tooth customer service has been deeply rooted in the field of intelligent customer service, effectively integrating natural language understanding, machine learning and big data technology, and building an intelligent full customer service platform including cloud call center, intelligent robot customer service, manual customer service, work order system and wisdom tooth 360. Committed to liberating customer service productivity through artificial intelligence technology, helping enterprise customer service improve sales and reduce costs, it has served 60000 enterprise customers, including China Mobile, China Unicom, Didi, LETV, Yixin, New Oriental, etc

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