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Witness that millions of users trust Haval SUV to win many champions of cacsi user satisfaction evaluation

on October 15, the evaluation results of "2020 China automotive industry user satisfaction index (cacsi)" were fresh. As the global leader of China's SUV, Haval SUV has won a number of titles with its strength. The cold rolling mill has unique hydraulic roll bending, axial roll shifting, CVC roll shape curve imitation and other titles that are currently the world's first advanced aluminum alloy rolling technology. Among them, Haval brand has won the first place in "after-sales service satisfaction" and the top three in "sales service satisfaction". Its main models Haval H6, Haval F7 and Haval M6 have won the champion of user satisfaction in the segment market, while Haval H9, Haval F5, Haval H2 and other models have also ranked among the top in the user satisfaction evaluation

quality surpassing the same level is the core competitiveness of Haval to enter the market segment

the flagship Haval SUV model Haval H6 has won the champion of "10000 A-class SUV" user satisfaction for four consecutive years, living up to the name of "national God car" by adopting continuous fiber preforms to locally strengthen the doors of thermoplastic composites. Each iteration of Haval H6 accurately tracks the demands of consumers in the current era. The first generation Haval H6 opened the era of SUV for all with reliable quality. The second generation Haval H6 allows users to enjoy a quality life with intelligent safety. The new third generation Haval H6 launched this year inherits the gene and glory of shenche, and realizes high-level evolution. With the world's three first technologies and the three leading technologies at the same level, it makes the cutting-edge automotive technology more accessible. Leading technologies such as FOTA upgrade of the whole vehicle, 5g technology, super L2 level automatic driving, full-automatic tracking reverse, full scene AEB emergency braking and so on have made the third generation Haval H6 comprehensively exceed users' expectations and have the confidence to attack the leapfrog joint venture SUV model

Haval F7 is positioned as "Ai smart SUV", which is China's first truly global model. It has long dominated the list of best-selling market segments, and is favored by young consumers around the world. The 2021 Haval F7 integrates intelligence, technology and youth. After its launch, it has achieved further advancement in intelligence through the strong strength of "five innovations" and "two full range standard configurations". It has fun life 2.0 system, L2 level automatic driving, full-automatic parking, etc., and redefines the benchmark of intelligent SUV, so that users can enjoy convenient and interesting travel

Haval M6, which is positioned as a "value-added household SUV", has always adhered to the modeling design concept of "simplicity, refinement and safety", captured the hearts of consumers with its value-added product power and many intimate comfortable configurations, and created a "second home" for consumers. Haval M6 keeps a close watch on the car demand of consumers, always maintaining a hot sales trend, becoming a strong sales growth point of Haval brand and attracting a large number of loyal fans

striving for perfection in production and R & D is Haval's unchanging original intention to build products

in the industry environment of generally pursuing "large and comprehensive" product layout, Haval SUV has always adhered to the focus strategy, built the most professional SUV, and constantly consolidated its core competitiveness in the SUV market. Not only that, Harvard has always insisted on "over investment" in product research and development for many years. It not only has research and development centers in seven countries and ten places, bringing together the world's top automotive engineers, designers and it experts, but also has a "11+5" global production system, which truly realizes being born globally, makes its products reach the international level, and provides sufficient international technical support and guarantee for product research, development and production

in recent years, Haval has made continuous breakthroughs in the core technology field and made remarkable achievements. The 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission has been ranked among the "world's top ten Transmissions" for three times, while gw4g15, gw4c20 and other series of engines have also won a number of engine evaluation awards including the "China heart" top ten engines, and are in the forefront of models at the same price in terms of "technical content". It is also worth mentioning that the quality control management of Haval SUV has reached an extremely harsh level in terms of quality control, ensuring the ex factory quality of each vehicle. Previously, in the research of zero integer ratio of China Automobile Maintenance Association and Insurance Association, the zero integer ratio of Haval H6 was only 185%, which is the lowest coefficient of domestic brands, which means that the cost of later maintenance and repair is lower. It can be seen that Haval has reached the first-class level in technology and quality, which is also an important factor for many consumers to favor and choose Haval SUV

in fact, in the process of R & D, Harvard has been trying to listen to the voice of users. For example, in the Haval smart home app, Haval will listen to the feedback and needs of millions of real car owners, and then carry out product upgrading and research and development. For another example, the voice package co created by "Li Bai and Daji" of the third generation Haval H6, as well as the naming of Haval big dog, brand icon, configuration level name, etc., are deeply participated by users who have questions, so as to realize the co creation of brand fans, so that the car is not only a travel tool, but also a close partner

the whole chain closed loop from pre-sales to after-sales is the ultimate weapon for Haval SUV to win the market.

from pre-sales to after-sales, Haval has built the whole ecological chain closed loop of products. In terms of sales, Haval has more than 800 dealers in China, including 764 first tier dealers, which has completed the deep penetration of the first, second and third tier cities and the full coverage of the fourth and fifth tier cities. At the same time, Harvard has also established more than 500 marketing networks in more than 60 countries and regions around the world. In terms of pre-sales service, since the rise of 4G network around 202010, haver has carried out the service project of "winning the terminal", adhering to the "customer satisfaction" as the center, and constantly improving the quality and terminal image of marketing, service, channel and network. In the past nine years, Haval brand has established distinctive channel standards and norms. The sales service network of Haval brand covers the whole country, and its stable operation, standardized management and service level have become the industry benchmark

in order to better serve consumers and further realize order conversion, Harvard launched many innovative marketing initiatives this year. For example, the third-generation Haval H6, together with Luo Yonghao and Zhang Jike, was released online in the form of live delivery, while the second-generation Haval H6 made a stunning appearance in the National Day blockbuster film "my hometown and me", helping to interpret the story of China's hometown. These measures showed the unique charm of the national God car and reached emotional resonance with users. The 2021 Haval F7 and chopsticks brothers launched a new single "I love you", which reflects the intimate care that Haval F series 37.2 ° technology brings to users. Haval H9 takes the car as the carrier and injects new connotation into Chinese cross-country culture through a series of activities such as cloud camping Festival, MIDI music season, the ninth line to Tibet and Alxa

from surpassing the product quality of the same level, to striving for the ultimate production and research level, and then to the closed loop of the whole ecological chain before and after sales, it is not difficult to see that Haval SUV has the courage to make breakthroughs, and it can be called an industry benchmark in terms of quality, technology and service level. Haval SUV does not stop at meeting expectations, but comprehensively surpasses users' expectations, which is the best embodiment of its users' thinking. Only those who win the hearts of the people can win the world. Haver has given the best proof with his strength

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