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strip it packaging with stronger fresh-keeping function is a re sealing packaging produced by ilapak company and sales spa company. It is suitable for the packaging of most foods with a cycle of about 3 days, including fresh agricultural products, candy and dry goods. There will be many problems, such as cereals, rice and pasta

According to ilapak, this product is also suitable for the packaging of meat products and daily necessities. Consumption is especially suitable for brittle materials such as cast iron, casting alloy and building materials. When using products packed with strip it, you need to first pull off the cover on the top of the package to expose the beginning with the strengthened bag edge, and then tear off the experimental machine that seals the bag edge along the tangent. You need to do the installation and protection of the brace. Under the above brace, there is also a sticky brace. This sealing structure ensures that the products packed with strip it will not be contaminated before use. When you want to seal the package again, just fold the upper part of the bag down to make it in close contact with the adhesive brace and press it tightly. This kind of packaging can be opened and closed repeatedly, so that the preservation time of the packaged products can be greatly extended, and at the same time, the products can be protected from pollution and leakage. Ilapak uses its advanced delta Carrera packaging machine and vegatronic packaging machine to produce this kind of packaging

in addition, ilapak company has also developed a re sealing feeder, which is suitable for trilateral sealing packaging, MC angular pleated Stabilo packaging, etc

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