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Wisead artificial intelligence marketing platform helps advertisers achieve win-win results in quality and efficiency. Founded at the end of 2017, wisead is the first intelligent marketing platform in China that is committed to combining artificial intelligence and deep learning algorithms to continuously optimize advertising, At present, there are three cooperation modes:

help overseas customers carry out promotion and marketing in China

help Chinese customers carry out localization marketing

help Chinese customers go out to sea for promotion and marketing

AI + AOI (area of interest) + cross region, intelligent push advertising reaches the whole area

wise launched an intelligent advertising solution, which is based on big data and AI technology, and aims at intelligent understanding users and intelligent scene delivery, A complete set of product and technical system has been established. Through this solution, they hope to bring intelligent touch of mobile video advertising in the whole time domain, the whole world and the whole airspace, and help advertisers "find the right people" and "reach the right people" so as to "deeply affect the right people"

in order to realize this whole set of solutions, wisead took the lead in the revolutionary upgrading of LBS orientation technology, upgrading the traditional poi (point of interest) to AOI (area of interest). With the support of many lbs data partnership policies, which is a beneficial guarantee for the development of recycled plastic granulators, with the support of partners and institutions, wistead AOI technology can upgrade the geographical location area from a circle to a more accurate polygon location, and record the location and frequency of user equipment in each building in real time

at the same time, combined with basic equipment attributes such as monthly advertising exposure of 8billion times, monthly independent device touch of 124million times, monthly advertising real-time bidding of 180million times, monthly mobile end competition of blow molding machine's data price of 65billion times, as well as user behavior labels, multi-dimensional user app behavior records and other data, wisead mobile advertising platform has established a three-dimensional spatial label system, It depicts a complete three-dimensional portrait of the users of the wisead platform, which provides a strong support for the friction and wear experimental machine that uses this technology for the first time in China to accurately find the target users

on this basis, with a powerful media matrix of more than a thousand high-quality apps, wisead intelligently covers almost all user life scenes, including social networking, travel, entertainment, learning, etc., making it possible to timely capture user scene changes and realize intelligent scene delivery. Bring higher target user touch to brand advertisers and improve the advertising touch rate, although suppliers are eager to reach

video advertising has officially ushered in its own new era after experiencing the transformation from TV advertising to patch advertising, and then from mobile patch advertising to AI marketing. Artificial intelligence, big data, full scene, fragmentation, intelligent exposure, etc. have become the keywords discussed in the current marketing industry. Under this new trend, how brand advertisers make good use of AI video advertising to maximize their brand exposure has also become an important topic

at present, wisead is mainly targeted at China, Japan and South Korea, and then will focus on the Southeast Asian market. CEO houguanlin said, "in addition to the Beijing office, the company also plans to set up branches in South Korea, Japan and the United States, attract more localization talents to join the team, and use the mature technology advertising product service line and localization operation strategy of the platform to provide more advertisers around the world with one-stop intelligent marketing solutions."

investment opportunities

[internal information] wisead has obtained the intended investment of many investment institutions


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