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On April 15 this year, OPP lighting officially signed a smart home strategic cooperation agreement with Huawei. In August, it unveiled the first batch of products after cooperation at the Huawei full connection conference. After several months of efforts, the cross-border cooperation smart home suite was officially launched in December

in just eight months from the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement in April to the launch of the product, OPP lighting and Huawei have fully confirmed the efficiency and strength of the industry leaders' strong cooperation with high-quality results

it is also worth mentioning that OPP attaches great importance to using intelligent technology to solve the real pain points and experiences of consumers. The products launched this time are combined with JBL, the world's largest audio brand under Harman group, to bring consumers an unprecedented optical and audio feast. As the three leading brands in the fields of lighting, communication and sound, the cross-border cooperation of OPP, Huawei and JBL has explained the new concept of hydraulic universal experimental machine adopted by zhihuijia's traditional tensile experiment, which provides more possibilities for the development of smart home in the future

worry free - convenient operation, easy intelligent connection

do you often experience such a dilemma on a cold winter night? Have got into the warm quilt, but found that the light in the living room forgot to turn off, and had to endure the cold to get up and turn off the light? Now OPP can easily solve these problems by grasping Huawei smart home suite. The way of one remote control/controlling multiple lights allows you to remotely control the lamps in the whole room no matter where you are in the room. The troubles of forgetting to turn off the lights in a hurry, switching on and off the lights in the dark, and shuttling through multiple rooms can be easily solved

three kinds of control methods are applicable to the whole family: wall switches let you know more about the historical responsibilities of contemporary youth, remote controls, and apps. Whether young people, old people, or children can find their own control methods, free and at will. In terms of connection and configuration, it also ensures the normal operation of the experiment, eliminating cumbersome setup steps. Huawei route Q1, which supports automatic discovery, can complete the device configuration with one click in the scenario of intelligent shutdown, which saves you worry

shining health - intelligent dimming and color matching make the temperature and temperature more healthy.

lighting not only illuminates, but also has an impact on health. When we work at home, we need cold light lighting to create a working environment, so that people can concentrate and be energetic; The baby's eyes are too young, and he keeps crying because of the harsh light, so he needs to adjust the brightness and soothe his mood with soft warm light. According to the needs of different people and home scenes, the smart home kit realizes infinite dimming, the temperature and temperature are at will, and the fingers slide gently to bring intelligent, healthy and humanized light environment experience, so as to meet the physical and psychological health needs from the inside out

at the same time, the four seasons reincarnate, and people's demand for light color also changes accordingly - natural light in spring and autumn, warm light in winter brings a warm feeling, and cold white light in summer brings a trace of coolness and makes people feel more comfortable. You can adjust the light and color as you like, and the healthy life you want is so simple

enjoy the bright sound - light sound linkage, enjoy the quality of life

brush without interest? Even face-to-face zero communication? When boring silence occupies life, life also loses its original color. STOP! Under the irradiation of a warm light, with soothing and romantic music, the spirit and body are relaxed, and the original life can also be enjoyed in this way. Opp Huawei smart home kit, superimposed with JBL audio module, links music and light, decorates life with notes, and brings quality life experience. Whether it's a warm meal time or a happy time for a family party, you can enjoy a high-quality light music life

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