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Characteristics of virtual shaft of independent drive motor of commercial reel offset machine (Part 1)

Real shaft or virtual shaft

in just a few years, the transmission equipment of web printing machine using mechanical shaft has been replaced by "virtual" shaft. Many independent motors replace a single main motor. Now, electric energy is distributed instead of mechanical energy to drive the independent motors of the brush unit, web bonding device, folding and cutting device of the printing lithium battery since its commercial use

this is not only a question of which technical principle is used for real-time curve display and processing -

independent and automatic storage of the maximum force value drive motor has many specific advantages. For example, users can benefit from the mechanical decoupling design of the printing unit. It avoids the movement transmitted by the ordinary transmission shaft, so it can obtain stable and high-quality printing. At the same time, the printing units with their own independent motors can be configured very vividly. In the future, it is easy and inexpensive to add another set of "rubber cylinder to rubber cylinder" (B-B) or series printing units

the following is a detailed description of the more advantages of this new drive technology

printing machine drive motor

complete printing equipment testing

in the past, only the auxiliary drive motor can be used to test the mechanical aspects of the rubber drum one-to-one rubber drum printing unit. Now, all mechanical and electronic properties can be checked. Because the complete drive motor of the power converter and electronic control device has been integrated in the printing unit. This space saving design also enables any fault to be detected during the test run phase. All components are thoroughly inspected before the printing machine leaves the factory, so the installation time of customers in the factory can be greatly shortened

shorten the reaction time

compared with a combined mechanical drive motor, the independent motor can work within a larger tolerance range. This is because the mechanical components need more time to adjust, and the torque transmission will change through the torsion of the mechanical shaft. Using an independent motor, the deviation from the nominal value will be reduced, and the motor will react faster

control and regulation of AC motor

in order to make the printing driven by independent motor, the cooperative project is to solve the problem of plastic accumulation in the landfill for many years, and the unit is accurately synchronized, so the AC motor is adopted. The motor position can be queried through an encoder 10 bits faster than its working frequency, and the motor position can be often corrected, that is, the synchronization of the motor can be more accurate, because the encoder technology and signal processing are relatively accurate

the web breaks less

when there is a periodic failure in the tension of the web, for example, when the drum generates a certain tension on the web, the motor reacts very quickly. Web tension remains constant within a smaller tolerance range, web breaks are less, and stable production has also become an economic benefit

in order to obtain the optimized web tension, the development engineer adopted the following basic assumption - even when the printing production line is running well, the possibility of certain errors must be considered. Not all printing machine components can operate equally well, and there may be differences between printing units. For example, on the web bonding device, the imbalance caused by the paper cylinder that deviates from the normal circle must be corrected

the independent motor drive system greatly reduces the sensitivity to such web tension faults. The customer has confirmed that the web tension is extremely stable on the web printing machine with independent drive motor, especially in the process of changing speed

virtual shaft reduces vibration

when using the ordinary drive shaft method, the disturbance of one printing unit will be transmitted to other printing units through the mechanical shaft. For the independent drive motor system, this interaction will not occur, because the mechanical connection no longer exists. The small disturbance caused by DC motor and longitudinal axis, which previously affected the printing quality, has now been eliminated

(to be continued)

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