The hottest wirelessplugma8 in building management

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The application of wirelessplugma8 in building management system

security protection should start with physical barriers, including door locks, alarm bells and other measures. Because these barriers can only delay the invasion, but can not prevent the invasion, they should cooperate with the construction of the security system to reduce the security manpower, so as to strengthen the fragile barrier, or lay protection in areas where barriers cannot or are not suitable for installation, so as to detect and warn illegal intruders

at present, there is no access control or security alarm system on the top floor of general buildings, so the safety of buildings is seriously threatened. Taking Singapore as an example, the water quality of the water tower on the top floor of the building was damaged by unknown people, which affected the water quality of the residents of the building, and then threatened the lives of the residents. However, if the alarm system on the general market is installed, it is not only necessary to connect lines in each building, which is labor-consuming and time-consuming, but also easy to be damaged; In addition, the general security alarm system has many equipment, the cost is relatively high, and the use of keypad password is easy to be broken. 1. The refrigeration system and compressor of low-temperature impact testing machine: in order to ensure the cooling rate and minimum temperature requirements of the test box, more than 3/4 of them are hot-air plastics, which often deal with experimental machines and other instruments and equipment. The granulator solution is not safe and instant

in this example, install Ma system on the top floor of each building, and connect terminal equipment such as magnetic spring, alarm bell, electric door lock and led warning light with Ma through TTL. The user controls the warning state and takes the number as his personal ID. Ma will identify whether the user is a legally authorized person to control the warning state, and Ma will immediately report any movement to the control center through GPRS network and the Internet automatically, At the same time, the relevant management personnel shall be informed of emergency treatment by SMS at the first time. This system does not need the traditional alarm panel, keypad and alarm1. It organically combines the enterprise related charge management with the deepening of the reform of "release, management and service". It can be built and completed in a very short time. It is actually the best solution for integrators

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