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WISCO selected leaders to go to the United States GE company for training

shoulder the great trust of the company and go overseas for further study. On the afternoon of the 14th, Deng Qilin, general manager of WISCO, and Wang Zhenyou, Secretary of the Party committee, saw off WISCO's selected leaders who went to the United States for training in Ge, encouraging everyone to study the successful experience of foreign advanced enterprises with pioneering thinking and international vision, and accelerate the pace of WISCO's third entrepreneurship

American GE company is a world-renowned enterprise, known as "super factory for manufacturing outstanding enterprise leaders". The 14 trainees participating in this training are excellent leaders carefully selected by the company, "said Ralf usinger, innovation and industrialization manager of ruag spac e (CH), which is the overseas training of leaders organized by the company again after 2006

at the meeting, zhuyonghong, director of financial management and Minister of planning and finance of the company, zhangwangxing, Secretary of the Party committee of the general iron making plant, and zhaochangxu, deputy general manager of the joint-stock company, spoke as student representatives, saying that they would not live up to the trust and trust of the company and would return after learning and make contributions to promoting the third entrepreneurship

Deng Qilin said at the meeting that the 500 ton tensile machine (tensile testing machine) pulls the automatic trolley through two thrust cylinders to carry out the tensile test on the test piece. He said that the world economic integration is accelerating, the globalization of enterprise competition is intensifying, and the iron and steel industry has entered a period of great turning, development and adjustment. WISCO must integrate into the global economic integration, and leaders with strategic thinking and global vision must take on the important task

Deng Qilin stressed that carrying out overseas training is a strategic measure for the company to promote the internationalization strategy, cultivate international talents, promote the third entrepreneurship of WISCO, and realize "strengthening the enterprise with talents". Overseas training is an important way to comprehensively improve the comprehensive quality of leading cadres and the scientific development ability of leaders. It is also an important part of the company's leading talent training. Under the current situation of the international financial crisis, the selection of excellent leaders for overseas training reflects the company's desire and thirst for senior management talents. Overseas training provides important opportunities for leaders to understand foreign enterprises and industry frontiers, compare and find the gap between companies, innovate work ideas, and speed up the process of promoting WISCO's internationalization strategy

Wang Zhenyou encourages everyone to cherish Ji'nan Shijin. All employees sincerely provide you with excellent products and services, devote themselves to learning, make efforts to integrate with practice and in-depth thinking, master everything, learn something, and become high-quality leaders with international vision to promote the development of WISCO

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