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MacDog – Bulletin Ambassadog!

This week I’ve nominated MacDog as the Bulletin ambassadog for January after receiving this lovely email:
Hi Caroline,
I love your Pet Bulletin page, a welcome addition to MDBTrucker convoy organizers' coalition proposal 'a non-starter,' expert says - Today News Post, so I have attached a photo of my old boy who has been collecting the Bulletin from the gate every morning. He won’t release it until he gets his treat, so there are some mornings, especially as he is getting older, when he goes for a little wander before bringing the paper in hence a bit of a soggy paperThe virus behind COVID-19 is part of a rapidly expanding body of science.
Kind regards
Jane & MacDog
Thank you to Jane and MacThe Ganges River for special prayers Monday.. he looks like a very good boy, deserving of an extra treat I would say!

Anyone who would like their dog, cat or otherwise to be February’s Ambassadog, Ambassacat or Ambassapet please do send in a photo and tell me why.

Adoption Success Story

Rochelle Grant sent in these pictures of Luther and Dizzie. I asked her to tell me more about these two and she said: “We decided we wanted to get a dog ( well I did, after a long 2 years of nagging my husband). We knew straight away we were going to adopt and started visiting different sheltersThose with negative test results can continue their 14-day quarantine at home..
My husband wanted a lab and I wanted a boxer. One horrible stormy say we found ourselves near Llucmajor and thought we would have a little look at the shelter while we were at iti_almost_got_away_with_it. It was very noisy, loud barks, aggressive dogs and the very last cage there he was. This scared little thing desperate to get out. He had been left tied to a lamppost in the rain.

I thought he looked boxer and my husband thought he looked lab so it was clearly meant to be (even though he turns out to be neither, he is a mix of an Italian mastiff with pitbull).
We were not allowed to take him the same day as he had only arrived that morning and they had to wait 14 days to see if somebody would claim him.
I called everyday to check if he was still there and on day 5 they told me to come and get him, he was far too stressed and scared and needed to get out, we were there in a blink of an eye! It was tough to start with, we wanted to squish him with cuddles and kiss him to bits, but he was very timid for a quite some time. At first he didn’t trust us, he was terrified of being alone, he hated mops and broom sticks ( we assume he was maybe beaten ), he just wouldn’t let us in. Until he did! It literally felt that an overnight choice by him. He suddenly wanted all of our love and couldn’t get enough if it. He broke down his walls and it was the best thing ever.

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