Two generations of kitchen fire fighting Kuba k129

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The beauty of life depends on the kitchen. The obligation of traditional kitchens is to eat three meals a day, which can only meet people's requirements for food. The existence of lampblack always makes cooking hasty. With the rise of the kitchen revolution, the smoke-free technological reform initiated by the new smoke-free kitchen appliance enterprise led by Kuba integrated stove has made the kitchen open and evolved into a competition between modern kitchen and traditional kitchen

k129, open PK closed, smoke-free is capricious

for the traditional kitchen, the door of the kitchen is the source of all peace of mind. In the eyes of many families, it seems that only when the door is closed can the spread of lampblack be prevented, rather than the smoking machine operating in the kitchen. When they also imagined "what kind of smoke will be emitted without the kitchen door", the high-efficiency smoking rate of Kuba integrated stove k129 has created an open design pattern! The barrier between the kitchen and the living room and restaurant has been completely opened, and the embrace of the kitchen has been opened, so that the focus of family warmth and interaction has shifted to the kitchen position

k129, integrated smart PK kitchen appliances are messy

the gathering of traditional kitchen appliances in the kitchen does not make this kitchen Patty look more delicious. As a new type of integrated smokeless kitchen appliance, Kuba integrated cooker k129 has the advantages of electrical integration, the collection of kitchen functions, smoking functions, cooking functions, disinfection functions, storage functions and other multi-purpose functions. A Kuba integrated cooker integrates and solves the disadvantages of many and messy traditional kitchen appliances, intelligent innovation in space and time, and simple modern kitchen life

k129, smoking and baking is difficult to endure PK comfortable experience

the ultimate battle of two generations of kitchens is the quality experience of kitchen life. As a single cooking function room, the traditional kitchen can rarely interact with the family except for three meals a day and the necessary cleaning and housework. Kuba integrated stove k129 creates a smoke-free kitchen living space, opens the function of a single kitchen, endows it with leisure and entertainment functions, upgrades the experience of the kitchen, upgrades the comfortable experience of the family, and creates absolute quality lifestyle

two generations of kitchens are in a big fight. The Kuba integrated stove and the smoke-free kitchen are willful




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