Three skills for house decoration

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For many owners who decorate their houses for the first time, decoration is a thing that they don't know where to start, and they don't know which decoration style to choose to suit them. So today we'll learn about the key points of the simple decoration of three bedrooms and one living room and the relevant contents of the three skills of the instructions for decorating a house. Let's have a look

1. Key points of simple decoration of three bedrooms and one living room

1. If you want to decorate the house well, then you must need a good decoration company or construction team. A good decoration company, in addition to the introduction of friends, it is best to compare three companies if you are looking for it by yourself, see their reputation on the Internet and the evaluation of previous customers, and visit the construction site of the company in person, so that the construction quality can be more guaranteed

2. The overall color matching of the decorated house is very important. If it is not matched properly, no matter how well the house is decorated, it is useless. Therefore, when the owners are decorating, they had better accept the opinions of the designer. If the designer doesn't like the proposal, they should also discuss it with the designer, so as to ensure the overall effect

3. When purchasing decoration materials, in addition to paying attention to the quality of the construction team, we should also pay special attention to the quality of decoration materials. Now various building materials brands are emerging in endlessly in the market. It is suggested that you should choose some big brands, so that both quality and after-sales are more safe, especially the materials of hydropower. It is very troublesome to fail to choose the following problems

simple decoration skills of two and three bedrooms and one living room

1. Storage design

when designing and layout the house, if you want to maximize the storage area of the house, you can make storage space under the bed or behind the headboard, and then set up bedside lamps and bookcases to make the whole room look twice as big

2. Space division

reasonably arranging the functions of each area of the house can make the whole house look clearer and clear at a glance. On the premise of not affecting the use function, you can also use the mutually permeable space to increase the sense of hierarchy and decoration effect in the house

3. Wall design

without damaging the whole house, we can maximize the wall area, such as designing some small niches on the wall of the living room, so that we can enlarge the space and put a lot of decorations at the same time

summary of the editor: the above is all the contents of the three skills shared by the editor about the simple decoration points of three bedrooms and one living room and the instructions for decorating the house. If you want to decorate the house well and don't want to repeat the decoration with others, the most important thing is to learn how to design and how to integrate your own ideas into the house decoration





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