Three different home styles made of solid wood

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The decoration styles of the three heads of household are different, but they all use solid wood for decoration. The advantage of solid wood decoration lies in green and environmental protection. Let's enjoy it together

part1: solid wood creates Japanese style

home panorama

editor's comments: it is presented in a tall way, and becomes the image of the family emblem by making horizontal stickers of walnut. Together, it shows the Japanese style restrained and elegant simple atmosphere of space

partial display

1. Restaurant

editor's comments: the flooring of the restaurant is made of century old oak, and the special solid wood texture effectively enlarges the space

2. Stairs

editor's comments: in the design and planning of stairs, not only the height of the building and the beams and columns are calculated, but also the beam and column compression foreseen by the inclined roof, the space saving, and the complete planning and arrangement of the storage function

3. Bathroom

editor's comments: the bathroom space takes slate as the main building material, and the color is mainly the same with the depth of the material. The lower half adopts darker slate, which is closely planned by the designer for the owner. It is dirt resistant and easy to maintain

part2: solid wood luxury American style

panorama of home

editor's comments: American furniture is deeply loved by people all over the world for its rough shape and a variety of complete functions. The head of the household was once a student studying in the United States, so he has a special preference for American style

partial display

1. Restaurant

editor's comments: the shape is exquisite and atmospheric, inheriting the manufacturing process of 300 years of American furniture. Wooden tables and chairs are very textured

2. Lounge

editor's comments: the hands of famous American furniture designers are pure, and the classics show the casualness of American furniture

3. Study

editor's comments: the pure American style allows you to enjoy the authentic American home life

Part3: simple European style made of solid wood

panorama of home

editor's comments: soft and elegant, some are strong and rhythmic, and the whole three-dimensional form is integrated with orderly and rhythmic curves

1. Editor's comments on restaurant

interior layout also tends to be modern and practical, and absorbs traditional characteristics, integrating ancient and modern Chinese and western in decoration and furnishings

2. Editor's comments at the entrance: most materials used indoors are directly from nature, such as this partition

3. Living room

editor's comments: it integrates decoration and application, avoids triviality in combination, looks generous and natural, and exudes ancient and noble pastoral flavor and cultural taste




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