Leisurely three bedroom rare perfect Chinese style

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The wallpaper with the pattern of

flowers in the living room fully shows the charm of China

introduction to the porch

has always liked Chinese style things. This is a set of Chinese style works that the designer is also very satisfied with. Have you ever tried to make your mood wander in different spaces, different corners, light and shadow, materials and textures with each item in your home, so that your mood has a fantasy world through time and space, and let the fascinating new Chinese style, which has been created by nature, become popular with the hottest trend of this summer, and describe the most brilliant [ju leisurely] with artistic strokes here

bedroom introduction

the dark brown and steady floor and plain white furniture highlight the spirit of a clear world

kitchen introduction

adhering to the simple white, it shows infinite possibilities in a limited space

introduction to bathroom

the biggest highlight is the carefully assembled mosaic wall

restaurant introduction

calm Chinese home, outlining auspicious cloud patterns




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