There are four hidden problems in the kitchen. The

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[] people living in modern cities almost have a common feature, that is, they are a little rebellious, pursue freedom and personality, have their own unique life taste, and break the traditional decoration requirements. So what should we pay attention to when transforming the kitchen? Now let's take a look

◆ kitchen waterproof problem

there is not much water in the kitchen. Waterproof is mainly to ensure the position of the dish washing basin and the inclination of the ground. The key of the former is to make the interface waterproof. The cabinet made of plywood can be ventilated after receiving water, but the combined cabinet will expand after receiving water, resulting in the separation of the fireproof board on the rear surface. Therefore, the base part of the cabinet must be made of 10 cm brick platform, which is the most effective waterproof

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◆ kitchen safety

for the sake of safety, the design of the kitchen should be careful of sharp protruding corners, appliances above the head, range hoods, etc. You can round these corners, or wrap them with cellophane, or buy some plastic covers to wrap the corners, which can be stuck with toilet stickers. Of course, it's best to avoid using mats and mattresses in the kitchen. It's easy to slip and scald others when someone is holding a plate or a teapot with boiling water

◆ is the kitchen not completely enclosed

in the face of kitchen decoration, many people are also open-ended after referring to the samples or pictures of some kitchen utensils companies of others. But here is a simple common sense question: what is the difference between Chinese food and Western food? In fact, it is very easy to be deceived by the effect when looking at those pictures. Most of the pictures of ceramic tile suppliers are templates made in partitions of more than 20 square meters (note that they are not walls). At present, the kitchen area in Shenzhen is about 6 square meters. The largest is no more than 8 square meters. Due to different living habits, Western food is often just stewed spaghetti steak and toast in a toaster. Chinese food is often fried, especially in some cooking with animal oil rather than vegetable oil, and there is a lot of lampblack. Therefore, unless you are a friend who likes Western food, you should honestly use a closed kitchen. If you like, of course, you can use glass as a partition, which can at least meet your psychological needs

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◆ countertops of cabinets

the countertops decorated now are mainly natural stone (marble or granite) and artificial stone. Both materials can be used. Relatively speaking, natural stone is harder and artificial stone is softer. But artificial stone is more beautiful, as you like. Here I want to emphasize that the artificial stones on the market are very poor. In 1997, the artificial stones were imported with good quality and the price was about 1200 yuan/square meter. Now it is about 600 yuan/square meter, and there is a transaction. In the past two years, there have been a large number of domestic products. Although the quality has increased, it still cannot pass the test. Although foreign man-made stones can use sandpaper to deal with the scratch lines on the surface, domestic man-made stones are more and more worn. I have a kitchen project that the owner ordered from these companies. It is not half a year yet, and the surface of the dish washing basin and hello sub surface has been ground to a crawl

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◆ kitchen transformation and design pay attention to four details

detail 1: measure the size of decoration companies and cabinet manufacturers. Usually, before the kitchen decoration, the cabinet manufacturer goes to the kitchen to measure. In addition to measuring the size, it also needs to see whether the original position of various pipelines is appropriate. If it is not appropriate and needs to be changed, a drawing will be issued to the decoration company, and the construction team will carry out the necessary transformation according to the drawing. It should be noted that due to the reasons that the cabinet manufacturer does not measure accurately, or the construction team does not strictly follow the size, the cabinet interface is often out of alignment due to inaccurate size. This requires consumers to pay more attention, so as not to delay the construction period due to disputes between manufacturers and decoration companies

detail 2: the waterway can only be changed to the upper water, not the lower water. The kitchen design of the new building is becoming more and more reasonable. Basically, there is two-way water supply, and two or three sockets such as microwave ovens and exhaust fans are reserved, so there is little change to the water and circuit. However, the old houses are generally supplied with one-way water supply, so it is best to add a hot water pipe when decorating the kitchen. It should be reminded that due to the limitation of the structure, the waterway can only be changed to the upper water, not the lower water

detail 3: the transformation of gas pipelines should be undertaken by professional companies. Gas and natural gas pipelines are generally not allowed to be changed at will due to the limitations of the housing structure. If it has to be changed, it must be approved by the property company. In case of change, due to its strong professionalism, and for the convenience of future maintenance, the professional company designated by the gas company, natural gas company or property management company is usually responsible for the change

detail 4: the practical overall kitchen not only has reasonable configuration of large parts, but also makes full use of dead corners in limited space. Kitchen dead corner refers to the corner like a wall corner in the kitchen. If it is fully utilized through humanized design, the effect of making full use of resources can be achieved. Some modern integrated kitchens can also load items at the corners through connecting frames or built-in pull rings. If the kitchen space at home is not large, the details of corners can not be ignored




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