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According to incomplete statistics, the production capacity of large pulp and paper projects completed or put into operation in 2010 is about 10million tons: 1. Indonesia Chaohui company of Singapore Golden Eagle International Group plans to invest US $3billion in Putian, Fujian to build Asia's largest forest paper integration project. The project is divided into two phases, with a total production capacity of 2.7 million tons

2. The 600000 ton pulp mill of Guangxi Qinzhou Jingui pulp and paper mill was put into operation at the end of 2005

3. Stora Enso of Finland has signed an agreement with Guangxi Gaofeng group, which plans to invest US $1.6 billion to build a pulp plant with more than one million tons

4. Taiwan Zhonghua paper plans to build a 350000 ton pulp mill in Guangdong

5. Shandong Rizhao 1million ton expansion project has been completed and put into operation with 220000 tons

6. Guizhou Chitianhua 200000 tons of bamboo pulp was commissioned at the end of 2005

7. 340000 tons of commercial wood pulp in Kaili, Guizhou

8. Guangdong Shaoguan Forest Paper Co., Ltd. 600000 tons

9. 200000 tons of Nanning Fenghuang paper

10. App Yunnan Baoshan 1million ton pulp project

11, yunjinglin paper 300000 tons pulp project

12. The bamboo pulp project of China Bamboo group with a total of more than 500000 tons

13. Guangning Dingfeng 450000 ton pulp project

14. Continuously consume and reduce about 1million tons of production capacity of listed companies such as Chenming, Huatai, Taiyang, Bohui, taigreenpaper (including Yuezhou paper), Meili, Jingxing paper and Fujian Nanzhi, and about 2.2 million tons of capacity under construction or preparation

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