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A large number of "foreign garbage" moved to Vietnam. Vietnamese officials were very helpless.

"the situation of" foreign garbage "in Vietnam was upgraded again in the product design stage at the end of 2018. Vietnam customs found that many companies were still importing waste materials." According to the news from Vietnam people's daily, Vietnam customs has long banned the import of foreign garbage. However, for various reasons, many Vietnamese enterprises still import foreign garbage at the risk of violating the law

finding foreign garbage is not the end. Local authorities in Vietnam are facing increasing difficulties in management. For example, many scrap importers refuse to deal with the large amount of scrap they have found. They often ask how to protect the scrap by changing the experimental machine. Xinda has created one miracle after another. Now these containers are stacked in the port, causing serious congestion in the port area

in the first quarter of 2018 alone, Vietnam imported 1.3 million tons of scrap worth 3.1 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 31.3%

Nguyen Khanh Quang, deputy director of Vietnam's anti Smuggling Investigation Department, said reluctantly that some importers' chambers of Commerce denied that even some state-owned institutions that imported foreign garbage were unwilling to cooperate with the customs

nguyen Khanh Quang said that foreign garbage was transported to Vietnam for sale rather than processing. Some importers have already imported more waste than is permitted

it is reported that they usually secretly import foreign garbage by concealing cargo information. A large part of the imported waste does not meet the standards set by the competent authorities, and some goods are even prohibited goods

Xinhua News Agency pointed out that in order to pass on the pressure of environmental protection, some European, American and Japanese enterprises have moved to Southeast Asia

some foreign media said that the waste exported to Malaysia has more than tripled, and Malaysia has become the main destination of British Plastics. The export of British garbage to Vietnam has also increased by 50%, and the export to Thailand has soared by 50 times

tensile test (stress-strain test) 1 is generally to clamp the two ends of the material sample on two clamps with a certain distance between them.

Jinshi data says that after China, Asian countries including Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia will successively restrict the import of waste plastics, waste paper and other resource wastes

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