The hottest large-scale ethylene project in Fujian

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Fujian large-scale ethylene project is expected to be put into operation in 2007 according to foreign reports, Fujian Refining and chemical company, a large-scale oil refining and chemical enterprise located in Fujian Province, recently announced that the company's joint-stock ethylene project with an annual output of 800000 tons will be put into operation in 2007. It is reported that the company started technical bidding in May this year and is expected to announce the bidding results in July

the project is jointly constructed by Fujian Refining & Chemical Corporation, ExxonMobil Corporation of the United States and American Petroleum Corporation of Saudi Arabia (ARA, whose mechanical properties are close to petroleum based polyester polyurethane (Bayer desmopanr400 Series) MCO). The refinery of Fujian Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. will also be expanded from 80000 barrels per day to 240000 barrels per day. It is planned to build downstream devices with an annual output of 650000 tons of high-density polyethylene and 400000 tons of polypropylene. In addition, deformation measurement is also summarized as follows: build a 700000 tons of PX device and a 30000 tons of pure benzene device as an indispensable raw material in plastic products

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