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The second technical exchange meeting on large air separation equipment supporting coal chemical industry was held in Baotou, Inner Mongolia on September 12. It was learned from the meeting that in recent years, China's new coal chemical industry has shown a vigorous development trend, which has strongly stimulated the demand of the matching large-scale air separation equipment market. At the same time, China has made great progress in the design, manufacturing and complete set capacity of coal chemical large-scale air separation equipment. However, what makes the industry generally feel happy and worried is that the complete localization of complete sets of equipment in the industry still lacks the independent core technology of key unit equipment, resulting in a large gap between domestic equipment and foreign advanced level, and domestic users lack sufficient confidence in domestic products

Xujianping, Secretary General of gas separation equipment branch of China General Machinery Industry Association, said that in the past 10 years, China's coal based energy strategy has won a broad market for the application of air separation equipment manufacturing industry in the field of coal chemical industry. The total industrial output value of the whole industry increased from 1.06 billion yuan in 2000 to 19.4 billion yuan in 2012, with an average annual growth rate of 28%. The oxygen production capacity of the air separation plant increased from 150000 m3/h in 2000 to about 3million m3/h in 2012. The number of complete set manufacturing enterprises in the industry increased from 9 to more than 20, including 15 enterprises with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan

fuchungan, Secretary General of China Industrial Gas Association, said in an interview that since the beginning of this year, more than 10 new coal chemical projects have been approved or obtained "roadblocks", including coal to natural gas, coal to olefin and coal to oil, with a total investment of 200billion to 300billion yuan. Coal chemical projects must be equipped with air separation equipment of corresponding grade. For example, Shenhua Ningmei coal only welcomes your calls and support! One project requires 12 sets of 100000 m3/h air separation equipment. Under the background of increasingly mature technology, China's new coal chemical industry is expected to continue to maintain high prosperity and rapid development in the future, and will also bring unprecedented prosperity to the domestic air separation equipment manufacturing market, which is undoubtedly a great joy for the air separation industry

however, Xujianping pointed out with concern that at present, domestic air separation plants with a capacity of more than 60000 m3/h still rely on imports to solve the pollution discharge difficulties of enterprises. Although China's air separation enterprises have made breakthroughs in equipment capacity, technical level and complete set capacity, there is still a certain distance compared with well-known enterprises such as Linde Group of Germany and air liquide group of France, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects: first, the key core rotating parts supporting complete sets of large-scale air separation equipment failed to realize large-scale and extra large-scale simultaneously due to the lack of independent technology; large air compressors, superchargers High efficiency medium pressure expander, liquid expander, large centrifugal liquid pump and other key components are mainly imported. Second, the supporting industrial chain is not perfect. The special design, professional manufacturing and other supporting services required by the low-temperature friction and wear testing machine for the development of gas separation equipment have not yet formed a systematic industrial chain in China, especially in the development of large and extra large air separation equipment, many important links are missing, which makes it difficult to achieve the complete set of domestic equipment. Third, compared with the products of foreign companies, the refined management in the manufacturing process of domestic equipment is not enough, the overall design, structural design, pipeline layout, etc. are rough, the quality level and reliability are not high, resulting in increased operation and maintenance costs, and it is difficult for domestic users to establish lasting trust

as a leading domestic air separation equipment manufacturing enterprise, zhouzhiyong, deputy chief engineer of Hangzhou hang Yang Co., Ltd., said that China's air separation industry was affected by the traditional way, so the air separation equipment manufacturers only designed, manufactured and supplied the main equipment, and handed over the factory layout and the splicing and assembly of the main equipment to the engineering design institute. In fact, the air separation equipment supplier is the most familiar with the process flow and process pipeline design of the whole air separation equipment. Therefore, the technical personnel of the air separation equipment supplier shall not only design the main equipment, but also participate in the whole process from the planning and overall design of the project to the specific implementation and production of the project

he also pointed out that with the increasing scale of modern coal chemical plants, a set of plants often need hundreds of thousands of cubic meters of oxygen per hour, and the supporting air separation equipment is also constantly upgraded in scale. However, since most domestic coal chemical plants are built in the northwest and other inland areas, the transportation conditions must be considered for the large-scale equipment. He hopes that the air separation equipment manufacturing enterprises can minimize the overall dimensions of the equipment by optimizing the scheme and adopting new technologies. Of course, they can also consider on-site assembly to solve the transportation problems of some equipment. In addition, while the air separation plant is developing towards large-scale, manufacturing enterprises should strive to reduce equipment energy consumption, which requires that the efficiency of key core components of the air separation plant be further improved

it is understood that hang Yang Co., Ltd. and Inner Mongolia Datang Duolun Coal Chemical Co., Ltd. jointly developed the largest 58000 m3/h air separation equipment in China, filling the gap of domestic 60000 grade air separation equipment. According to zhouzhiyong, it will cost hundreds of millions of yuan to import a complete set of large or extra large air separation equipment. If localization is successful, it can save users more than 30% of equipment procurement costs

in order to speed up the development of domestic large and extra large air separation equipment, the industry calls on the state to increase support for the industry in terms of policies and funds, encourage enterprises to accelerate independent innovation, and create a national brand with international competitiveness

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