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Inner Mongolia large AC motor yr1250

Inner Mongolia large AC motor yrem/1250kw/745rpm

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Inner Mongolia large AC motor yrem/1250kw/745rpm

yrks series Inner Mongolia large AC motor yrem/1250kw/745rpm high voltage wound rotor three-phase asynchronous motor

rated power: 220kw - 2500kw

rated voltage: 3KV, 6kV, 10kv

rated speed: 500rpm/590rpm/740rpm/990rpm/1500rpm/3000rpm

protection grade: ip44/ip54

cooling method: icw81a

insulation grade s: f

working system: s1

packaging type: Wicker box/export fumigation wooden box

large AC motor in Inner Mongolia yrem/1250kw/745rpm technical data sheet Xima motor official station: htt mobile robot for contour milling p://

model power (kw) synchronous speed (r/min) Rated current (a) efficiency (%) power factor rotor reprinted from: max. rotor Xima motor product:

torque multiple weight voltage current yrkk 392.00.. 82700yrkk. 192.yrkk. 692.40. yrkk. 992.70.8”yrkk. 692.80. Yrkk when it is impossible to display all the information on the product or product label due to technical reasons 892.yrkk. 793.00.. 83500yrkk. 293.yrkk. 593.40. yrkk. 593.yrkk. 593.yrkk. 594.20.. 84800yrkk the state attaches great importance to the development of new material industry 84.294.30 yrkk. 894.40. yrkk. 694.50.. 85700yrkk. 394.yrkk. 894.70. yrkk. 894.80.. 87700yrkk. 294.yrkk. 395.yrkk. 495.yrkk. 495.20.. 810150yrkk. 691.90. yrkk. 592.10. yrkk. 30.yrkk. 792.

yrem/1250kw/745rpm product introduction of large AC motors in Inner Mongolia:

yrks series 6kV, 10kV three-phase asynchronous motors are wound rotor three-phase asynchronous motors. The large AC motors in Inner Mongolia yrem/1250kw/745rpmyrsk 560kw/yrsk 560kw (S1 working system) (6kV, 50Hz, B3) are produced according to gb/t technical conditions. This series of motors have the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, low vibration, safe and reliable operation, convenient installation and maintenance, etc. It can be used in various general-purpose machinery, such as ball mill, fan, compressor, water pump, crusher, cutting machine tool, transportation machinery and other original motors. In addition, it can also be used to drive fans, coal mills, rolling mills, hoists, electric shovels and other machinery with large moment of inertia. Difficult problems of power electronics technology (1) the increasing capacity of a single power load requires the increasing capacity of power electronic devices, and the increasing requirements for the voltage capacity and current capacity of power electronic devices, which is a difficult problem of current power electronics technology. At present, people only rely on series parallel technology to solve this problem, but the reliability has been plagued by a large number of applications of series parallel technology. If the voltage and current capacity of power electronic devices can be solved, there will be a very bright prospect in front of people: the uncontrollable problem of AC will be solved, and people will be liberated from complicated calculations and panic about accidents; All electrical equipment will work orderly: no impact, no negative sequence, no harmonic...

yrks series motor protection grade is ip44/ip54, and the cooling method is icw81a. Yrsk 800kw/yrsk 800KW (IP55 IP54 protection grade) (default with domestic bearings) yrsk 630kw/yrsk 630kw (S1 working system) pure copper coil wound motor yrsk 280kw/yrsk 280KW (including 8 PT100 temperature measuring elements) air-cooled high-voltage motor yrsk 220kw/yrsk 220kw (B3 class F insulation) pure copper coil high-voltage motor

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