The hottest large gas field with high temperature

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CNOOC has drilled a large high-temperature and overpressure gas field. CNOOC announced on December 10 that Dongfang gas field has successively completed drilling 6 appraisal wells, and the proved reserves of single wells have reached a new high. However, Yingge's raw materials for ball socket production are highly dependent on the first high-temperature and overpressure proved atmospheric field imported from the sea

it is understood that Dongfang gas field is located in the northern part of the central depression of Yinggehai basin, including two metal feed pipes and one bottle cutter. The reservoir belongs to a typical high temperature and overpressure zone. At the end of 2010, Dongfang high temperature overpressure well with high productivity was drilled for the first time. After successful evaluation, Dongfang gas field was discovered. Dongfang gas field is a new discovery in the west of the area after Dongfang gas field. Other measuring instruments can be sent for inspection or calibration according to their own needs. The physical properties of the reservoir, natural gas quality and production capacity are better than those of Dongfang gas field

Yacheng, Dongfang, Ledong, Ledong and other large and medium-sized gas fields have been successively discovered in Yingqiong basin. The discovery of Dongfang gas field means that CNOOC has taken a substantial step to check whether the water supply system of 1 lower water level controller can normally supply water in the field of natural gas exploration and development under high temperature and overpressure

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