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"Gao Fu Shuai" lied that many women who opened a modeling company were cheated of money

thought that a "Mr. Right" and "Gao Fu Shuai" boyfriend fell from the sky, but did not want the gentle, considerate and lavish "business rookie" boyfriend to open a "modeling company" is false, and cheating money is true. Pukou public security branch recently cracked a series of emotional fraud cases, and arrested the suspect. The refrigeration system needs to be cooled. Li Kai and his accomplice Wu Gang are involved in the case, which is worth more than one million yuan

on November 5, 2014, the victim Wang Lei went to yanggou Street Office of Nanjing Pukou public security branch to report the case, saying that a man named Li Ze cheated himself 250000 yuan during his love after he fell in love with his acquaintance. The police learned that after learning that Wang Lei registered at a well-known marriage station, she was solid with Li Ze, who was also a member. After the two met, Li Ze said that he was a top student of a famous school and ran a modeling company. His father was a retired cadre of the military region, his mother was a military doctor, and his two sisters were doing business in Singapore and Chongqing, with superior family conditions. After establishing the love relationship, Li Ze said many times that his model company was undertaking a model competition, and needed to hold a press conference and prepare for the competition. The company's funds were difficult to operate, and needed Wang Lei's help. Wang Lei repeatedly provided all her savings to Li Ze, and even went so far as to set up a company that funded her boyfriend with overdraft withdrawals from multiple credit cards. At the last time, Li Ze said that the competition was short of funds. If he failed this time, his career would be destroyed. At that time, he would not only be heavily in debt, but also the money he owed his girlfriend could not be returned, and he could not give his girlfriend a happy life. He cried and begged his girlfriend to help him for the last time. Under Li Ze's sweet words, Wang Lei sold her private car and raised more than 60000 yuan to lend to Li Ze. Since then, Li Ze has gradually alienated Wang Lei with excuses such as busy work, and Wang Lei can no longer contact him. Wang Lei began to suspect that she had been cheated. After going to the Department of industry and commerce, she learned that there was another person in Li Ze's mouth as the legal person of the modeling company, which had nothing to do with Li Ze. Wang Lei also went to Li Ze's hometown to investigate secretly and found that Li Ze's father was actually a blacksmith in the countryside. His mother worked in agriculture and had no sister at all. It dawned on Wang Lei that she had been deceived by lies that reduced the intensity of the teachers' work, but she had paid all, so she went to the police station to report the case

the police stripped the cocoon to show their true face, and connected with a series of fraud cases of one million yuan

according to the clues provided by the victims, the police investigated the case and Li Ze's identity. After work, it was found that Li Ze, formerly known as Li Kai, was actually an ordinary employee of a barber shop. He had always called himself Li Ze. Through a visit to his friends, it was learned that Li Kai had never made any investment or operated a modeling company. Now, in order to avoid Wang Lei, Li Kai has changed his number and moved away from the place to speed up the upgrading of plastic granulator technology. The chat accounts he once used are no longer used, and for a time, they are like evaporation. According to the investigation results, the police station filed the case for investigation, chased Li Kai to flee, and continued to investigate his hometown, work unit, temporary residence, etc. at the same time, the Anmin police monitored his dynamic trajectory through technical means. According to the experience of handling cases, the police believe that such suspect who use emotion to commit fraud often commit many crimes, so they sort out similar cases in the city in recent years in the police platform. Finally, the police found that Li Kai defrauded the city of Qian Mei 650000 and Wang Yue 120000 for the same reason, involving a value of more than one million. The police learned from the two victims that Qian Mei was strong when she spent money in a barber shop. Li Kai claimed to be the director of a well-known barber shop chain. After establishing a love relationship, she defrauded Qian Mei of more than 400000 yuan on the grounds of investment, business failure, and serious illness of her parents. Finally, she threatened that Qian Mei would not repay the money if she did not lend him money. Wang Yue found people nearby through chat software and met Li Kai. In addition to defrauding Wang Yue of cash, Li Kai also cashed out tens of thousands of yuan with Wang Yue's multiple credit cards

the suspect came to the bottom of the case, and the deception was simple and sobering.

on December 23, 2015, Li Kai was arrested by the police of Qinhuai District, and when the police of tianyanggou Street station took him back for examination. After interrogation, Li Kai confessed to the facts of the crime and confessed three fraud cases that were not mastered by other public security organs. Li Kai said that because of his strong vanity, he wanted to make face in front of his friends, but he liked leisure and hated work, and wanted to get something for nothing, so he thought of fraud. The money he defrauded was squandered by taking his friends out to travel. According to Li Kai's confession, during the fraud, his hometown Wu Gang played a supporting role. The two discussed the means of fraud, and Wu Gang called the victim, saying that Li Kai's business failed and he was going to commit suicide or lose money gambling, winning the victim's sympathy. After mastering the situation, the police chased Wu Gang to flee. On January 7, 2016, Wu Gang fell in Shanghai and was handed over to Pukou police for handling. At present, this case needs further handling

the police reminded that many victims in the case not only saved money and were cheated, but also provided credit cards for the suspects to cash out, reflecting the victims' poor awareness of prevention and weak legal and self-protection concepts. In view of the circumstances of this case, on the one hand, the police hope that when looking for a romantic partner, the school-age youth can first understand and verify the situation of the other party, and don't be credulous; On the other hand, young people should be down-to-earth and get paid through hard work. If they "take shortcuts" and take illegal and criminal means, they will eventually be punished by the law

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