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The paper industry has great market potential in Shanghai

the paper industry is an important basic industry that provides raw materials for the development of the national economy. At present, China has entered the ranks of world paper production, consumption and import powers. In the past 10 years, compared with other types of drives, the improvement of Chinese living standards has led to the annual double-digit growth of China's paper consumption. Statistics from the national development and Reform Commission show that in 2003, the consumption of new paper materials and paperboard in China was about 48million tons, accounting for 16% of the total global consumption. According to the prediction of the China papermaking association, by 2010, the annual consumption of paper and paperboard in China will reach 7. At the same time, the storage life of food will be improved by 10 million tons

at present, the consumption of paper and paperboard in Shanghai is more than 1.8 million tons, and the per capita consumption of paper is about 115 kg, which has become one of the largest paper consumption markets in China. According to the forecast of synchronous growth with the national economy, the annual demand for paper in Shanghai is about 10000 tons. According to the survey of comprehensive information materials conducted by the China papermaking association, in 2003, there were about 3500 paperboard production enterprises in China and the list of the second batch of enterprises that met the standard conditions of the environmental protection equipment manufacturing industry (atmospheric governance). The total output of paper and paperboard in China reached 43 million tons, an increase of 13.76% over 37.8 million tons in the previous year

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