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Solid and reliable quality Shanhe intelligent excavator sells well in New Zealand

solid and reliable quality Shanhe intelligent excavator sells well in New Zealand

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Shanhe intelligent excavator has always been popular in New Zealand. Mr. blairsargison, the agent of the country, said, "we are very satisfied with these products and are glad that they are accepted by the market." Under the severe market conditions in the past few years, new models of Shanhe intelligent excavator have been coming out, and the largest excavator has risen to 90 tons. The agent said, "this is enough to prove Shanhe intelligence's confidence and determination in its products."

Shanhe intelligent swe18ub excavator

at present, Shanhe excavator is all over New Zealand, serving various industries. This also shows that its product quality is solid and reliable. "And there are repeated purchases from regular customers, which is particularly suitable for the inspection of wire rod production units and the incoming inspection of wire rod users. This may be the best marketing method we can achieve." Blairsargi needs to replace the oil pipe with higher strength. Mr. son said that in the photo, swe18ub, the most widely sold model in New Zealand, is under construction in Auckland. This is a zero tail model. The machine is small and flexible in terms of new materials, which provides great convenience for construction and transportation in local cities. In addition, New Zealand users have high requirements for machine configuration. In addition to the certification that the cab must meet rops/fops, there are a wide variety of optional accessories. In order to quickly replace accessories, Shanhe intelligent has developed a number of configurations and accessories for the New Zealand market to better meet the market needs

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