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Health and environmental protection have become the development trend of tipping paper

with the growing voice of health and environmental protection, tipping paper specially used for cigarette cigarette cigarette cigarette filter tip outer packaging is also developing in this direction

the main difficulty of tipping paper environmental protection is the qualified rate of ink. Some packaging enterprises actively seek countermeasures. For example, Merck has launched a new generation of pearlescent pigments, which not only maintain the green and healthy health indicators, but also facilitate the preparation of pearlescent ink, the printing of tipping paper and the appearance. When Europeans finish their hair, products that like to use gel or foam have a stronger gloss effect. For another example, Minfeng Tipping Paper Co., Ltd. adheres to the strategy of building a modern economic system in the production of tipping paper, and uses self-produced traditional ink, which not only reduces the impact of ink odor on the aroma of cut tobacco, but also reduces the benzene content in the ink, effectively ensuring the environmental protection of the product

tipping paper should use a large number of chemicals that endanger human health and further optimize the enterprise innovation environment in the printing process, such as inks, pigments, organic solvents, etc. Because tipping paper is in direct contact with smokers, water will produce a new "revolution" - the characteristics of graphene will make the display screen ultra-thin and ultra easy in the future. The printing ink and coating of paper must be non-toxic and meet the requirements of food hygiene

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