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Have you ever drunk "water in paper"

have you ever drunk water in paper boxes? Up to now, this issue is still under discussion, and the relevant technological development also uses Daron reg; Making composite parts with resin means that it is difficult for processes such as soft PVC to be robust

however, as a company mainly producing flexible packaging cartons and distillation cans, CLP industries in Israel has begun to supply the market with a kind of composite carton, which is lighter and more convenient in transportation. (Sony has been used in the packaging of music discs and DVDs) the company is clearly aware of its market potential

although carton packaging has some advantages over PET bottles, such as lighter weight, easy transportation and storage, there are also some problems. The biggest problem that hinders the successful entry of paper packaged beverages into the market is that paper packaging can not maintain the taste of beverages now. However, with the development of nearly four years, it has basically overcome this problem

CLP company pointed out that one of the biggest advantages of paper packaged beverages is that compared with PET bottles, it can greatly reduce waste, low production cost, and because of its flexible structural design, it is more convenient for transportation

although paper water has inherent advantages over PET bottled water, the real market is the key to its success, because customers believe that it is more common and appropriate to use metal cans and bottles to hold water, rather than using bags and cartons to store food and beverages

people can look at this problem from two perspectives. The first is children, which is greatly related to nutrition. Schools prepare canned drinks for students after lunch, so water has become a very natural choice. If you add interesting patterns to the paper package, you can improve its appeal to children. As for adults, they need publicity and education. Successful examples in this regard are Del Monte and zatarain

As the owner of Starkist brand, Del Monte has occupied a large market of tuna in cartons by virtue of its TV advertising strategy. Zatarain did not succeed in selling the brand of rice products packed in distilled cartons. But when zatarain hyped the benefits and quality of its paper boxed rice through its TV advertising strategy, sales rose

pouches and more companies similar to CLP industries are leading the development of the flexible packaging industry, providing packaging for more products and industrial products, including food, pet food, the upgrading of power supply, heating and gas supply systems, and the packaging of cosmetics, drugs, diagnostic equipment, agricultural products, health products, detergents and other large global companies. Food and beverage packaging accounted for the largest market share, accounting for 87% of the total packaging, followed by cosmetics and diagnostic (device) equipment, accounting for 13%. The market share of paper packaging of fruit juice and water, which are more popular in beverage packaging, has also been increasing

Another unique product of CLP company is machine oil paper packaging with jet port. Compared with other flexible packaging, paper packaging is easy to handle and saves 70% of plastic than hard hollow plastic containers. The height of 950ml machine oil paper packaging is only 265mm, which is widely used in the commercial markets of Mexico and central and North America

CLP's plant in Israel covers an area of 45000 square feet and has a series of printing and processing equipment. Including two 8-color 50 inch Cerutti gravure printing machines (installed in recent years), as well as two old gravure printing machines, one 8-color 50 inch oteco gravure printing machine and one 8-color 15 inch online Chesnut gravure printing machine. In addition, the company also has an increasing demand for lithium salts in Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States. There are two flexographic printing machines with photographic gravure conversion units for cold sealing. In addition to the production of new types of beverage and oil packaging cartons, these equipment produce a wide range of products, including easy to tear composites with laser perforations, lighters with repeatable covers, reverse perforated composite bags, simple lighter packaging boxes, upright cartons, upright cartons with laser labels and easy to tear, die-cutting covers, distillation cartons, environmental protection packaging, etc

source: Guangdong packaging

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