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Small and smart, sdlg small excavation makes small waves in the fishing ground of Myanmar

small and smart, sdlg small excavation makes small waves in the fishing ground of Myanmar

recycling and regeneration value is not great. China Construction Machinery Information

Introduction: AKZ fishery and leasing company (hereinafter referred to as AKZ) chose the powerful sdlg lg690e small excavator at the beginning of developing the largest fishing ground of Myanmar, which is the first delivery of this type of excavator to Southeast Asian countries

over the past decade, the output of fishery industry in the Delta region of Myanmar has increased by 250%. In order to meet the growing domestic and international market demand, enterprises like AKZ are building larger and larger fishing grounds. In addition to the continuous expansion of the scale, these enterprises are also seeking to replace the manual excavation of fish ponds with mechanized operations

akz is one of the leading fishing ground operators in Myanmar. The company is currently building a fishing ground in the Irrawaddy Delta region, which will be the largest fishing ground in the region after its completion. In order to help carry out this huge project, AKZ purchased a sdlg lg690e small excavator, which is also the first time that this type of excavator is sold to Southeast Asia

kyawswe, general manager of AKZ, explained the reason for purchasing lg960e to complete this work: "this sdlg small excavation is very in line with our needs. It can not only operate on the narrowest road here, but also its power meets our requirements and can complete the work well."

in addition to excavating a new fish pond of 5 hectares, this lg690e will also be used for the maintenance of fish ponds, such as slope trimming and frequent maintenance of a series of national 1 incentive policies for tunnels. With its excellent characteristics, this device stands out among many medical materials every day and will work busily for eight hours

kyawswe also expressed his gratitude to win strategic, sdlg's national distributor in Myanmar, for helping AKZ choose lg690e, and said, "I was also impressed by the fast service provided by win strategic in the after-sales market support."

kyawswe has been using 20 ton excavators of different brands in the past few years. Now he is very satisfied with the performance of lg690e and hopes to add more sdlg machinery in due course

lg690e is famous for its energy-saving performance, reliability and comfort. The working weight of the 2lg690e is only 8500 kg. It uses a 2.5-liter diesel engine with low emissions and low noise. Its three-stage fuel filter improves efficiency and reliability, and reduces the failure rate. Because it is equipped with Rexroth LUDV hydraulic system, the energy consumption rate of lg690e is reduced by more than 5% compared with the old model

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