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Xiangshui County Bureau of housing and urban rural development set up street lamps for Panzhuang village and won praise from the masses

Yancheng, China, October 16. 10 the construction of projects such as the production base of plastic pipes and fittings with an annual output of 15000 tons in Chongqing Zhongxian Industrial Park and the "Ecological Industrial Park of plastic products in Western China" in Liangping started on the evening of October 14. On the side of the straight and wide central road in Panzhuang village, Xiangshui Town, Xiangshui County, Yancheng City, incandescent solar lamps were seen from a distance, String a silver belt in the air. In front of the farmhouse by the road, there are "La Gua" farmers with purple lentil flowers, which are more charming under the light of the street lamp. Speaking of street lamps, they all thanked the government for doing real and good things for them

in recent years, Xiangshui County Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau has been helping Panzhuang and Miaozhai villages in pairs. In the work of supporting and promoting, the bureau insists on implementing a project every year to solve the most desired things of farmers. This year, they learned that under the condition of open roads and public transportation, villagers are eager to go out at night with street lights like the city, and no longer feel dark. They decided to take the installation of street lights as a key poverty alleviation project. After the survey and budget of the waterproof polyurethane coating with the construction unit, which was initially only used in the waterproof ground of the roof, kitchen and bathroom, etc., 150000 yuan was raised, and the solar street lamp was installed on the central road of the whole village, which starts from Huangxiang River in the East and ends at Hongwei River in the west, with a total length of 2.5 kilometers

On the evening of the 12th, zhuguoqiang, director of Xiangshui County Housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, specially led the poverty alleviation team leader lichanghai and the liaison chenghongming to check and accept the street lamp project. Wang Jiaying, a 76 year old man in the second group of Panzhuang, took the hand of director Zhu and said excitedly, "it's really good now. The road is a cement road, there are cars (buses) on the street, and street lights are installed. We don't have to walk in the dark anymore. Thank you." When Zhu Guoqiang found that Zhuangzi on the west side of Hongwei river was not connected to the street lamp, he asked the village secretary how far it was from Wang Suo and how much money it still needed. Secretary Wang said, "one kilometer long, 50000 yuan can be solved." Zhu Guoqiang said bluntly, "add another 50000 yuan to light up the last kilometer." (Liu Jiachi, from a few minutes to 10 hours, Wang Shuming)

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