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Safe, beautiful and practical, food packaging keeps pace with the times (II)

and Luxue, adhere to the "safety" commitment to customers

and Luxue ice cream have always represented people's good memories of sharing joy and happy childhood. This world's happiest brand is constantly innovating, developing new products to meet the needs of more consumers, and sincerely hopes to bring them more happiness through its own enterprising. At present, the brands of ice cream such as adore, Menglong and Qianceng snow owned by the company not only sell well in Europe and America, but also have achieved good sales performance in the Chinese market, and are in a leading position in the industry. What complements its excellent products is that the packaging design level of heluxue products is also in a leading position in the industry. Heluxue will often replace new packaging according to the needs of products and markets. Whether it is technology or shape design, it hopes to attract more people's attention and support to heluxue. Among them, the only constant is heluxue's persistent pursuit of food packaging safety. As Miss Zhong of the R & D Department of heluxue packaging said: safety is the eternal commitment of heluxue to "customers"

safety is the first demand of food packaging

the development of economy has driven the diversity of materials, and the demand for packaging will be increasing, especially in large and medium-sized cities, almost every product needs packaging. Household chemicals, food and medicine are the most widely used fields of flexible packaging at present, and these are precisely the most closely related to people's lives. Therefore, the importance of safe packaging is self-evident

as for the food that people have the most daily contact with, its packaging safety mainly involves the safety awareness of packaging manufacturers, the safety of packaging materials, the safety of packaging production process and the safety in the use process. It is from these four aspects that heluxue strictly grasps the quality control of food safety

safety awareness of packaging enterprises

and Lu Xue only choose packaging suppliers with sufficient safety awareness to cooperate. Because he Luxue believes that awakening safety awareness is the decisive factor of packaging safety. Only when the production personnel of packaging enterprises always have such a safe concept, they will pay attention to management, materials and all aspects. Why should we emphasize this safety awareness so deeply? As we all know, most food production enterprises, including many large multinational tearing performance (nail bar method) gb/t328.18 ⑵ 007 companies, have perfect and advanced food safety monitoring equipment and testing instruments, but the safety testing of their product packaging still basically depends on their suppliers, unless it is some simple intuitive projects, food production enterprises can do some inspections to minimize the waste of high cost, such as length, width Thickness, basic printing color, sealing strength, etc. Food production enterprises are unlikely to spend tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands to purchase instruments for testing, so many testing items such as peel strength, water vapor transmission rate, oxygen transmission rate, solvent residue, microbial residue, heavy metal residue and so on are expected to be controlled during packaging production, and cannot be left unattended or falsified for some reasons. Therefore, the safety awareness of food packaging enterprises plays a vital role in the final safety of food. Heluxue will give special consideration to this point when selecting packaging suppliers. The bidding evaluation will be held once a year, which is not only an incentive for long-term suppliers, but also an opportunity for new suppliers to join heluxue. This fair bidding mechanism is also conducive to ensuring the benign competition of suppliers. Of course, for those new partners, heluxue usually has a very strict regulatory system, such as irregular sampling inspection to see whether the products they produce meet the health standards of heluxue. Because the food hygiene standards implemented by he Luxue are basically the food hygiene standards of FDA and EU, there are not many packaging enterprises that can really meet them. Relatively speaking, it also raises the threshold of cooperation between the two sides. However, such high standards and strict requirements make suppliers deeply aware of the importance of packaging safety and ensure the brand image of heluxue safety. If the food industry is an ethical industry, it should also be used in the food packaging industry

choose non-toxic and safe packaging materials

and Lu Xue have strict restrictions on the safety performance of raw materials. Due to the wide range of raw materials involved in the flexible packaging industry, there are several kinds of single film, such as OPP, pet, CPP, PE, VMCPP, VMPET, aluminum foil, nylon, etc., and the consumption of ink, adhesive, resin, solvent is also very considerable. In addition, there are some parts with relatively small consumption, such as varnish, cold sealing adhesive, powder spraying, color masterbatch, etc. For the parts directly or possibly in direct contact with food, heluxue insists on using food grade packaging materials. For example, for the selection of printing ink for food packaging, Unilever, the parent company of Helu Xueshang, stipulates that since 2004, benzene free ink must be used for all materials in direct contact with food in product packaging. Compared with the health and safety standards of other Asian countries such as Japan, the biggest difference between the provisions close to the European and American health standards lies in the understanding of the use of harmful solvents such as benzene. Asian standards generally recognize the use of a certain amount of benzene solvent, as long as its residue can be controlled to ensure safety. Benzene ink is strictly forbidden to be used in food packaging in Europe and America. Therefore, when designing product packaging requirements, he Luxue strictly restricts suppliers to use safe benzene free ink for printing, including other material technologies. He Luxue will make clear requirements when bidding, such as whether he has a material safety certificate. At present, under the unfavorable environment that most of the gravure printing in China still uses benzene system, heluxue's adherence to such a safe choice will undoubtedly limit its selection of cooperative suppliers, because if alcohol soluble ink is specified in every quotation, the prices of most manufacturers will be increased. Moreover, many people in the industry are not fully aware of the impact of benzene on food packaging safety. They simply believe that benzene based inks are cheaper and more operable. As long as the solvent residue is controlled during use, the safety of food itself will not be affected. These habitual thinking modes make it difficult for heluxue to walk on the road of safety. However, heluxue believes that through its own persistence and the gradual awakening of the safety awareness of the whole industry, more and more food enterprises will join the ranks of safe packaging and choose non-toxic raw materials to add color to their products. In fact, many companies have launched new environmentally friendly inks and adhesives, which is the best echo of this trend

monitor the on-site production environment of packaging

for heluxue, in addition to paying attention to the soft environment of packaging suppliers, its hardware environment obviously cannot be ignored. He Luxue believes that a good production site environment is the guarantee for the health and safety of food packaging. Why does the state have very strict requirements on the production environment of drug packaging, including the necessity of having a drug packaging production license and reaching the GMP level... This is because drugs are closely related to human life. In fact, the production environment of food packaging is also important, because it covers a wider range and is used by more people. When he Luxue chooses a new packaging supplier, the first thing to evaluate is the production environment on site. Generally, the production site of packaging is basically the same as that of he Luxue's final food. The main reason is that the health problems brought by packaging are uncontrollable, sometimes even undetectable, in the production process of heluxue products. Therefore, strict assessment must be carried out in the selection of bidding. For packaging suppliers, although the transformation of hardware may cost a lot of human, material and financial resources, this investment is obviously necessary if we want to win more and larger food enterprises as customers

effective communication promotes the data reanalysis of curve amplification through the graphic processing module after the experiment. Cooperation

and Lu Xue believe that the safety of food packaging in use requires effective communication and cooperation between the supply and demand sides, especially when developing new products, if we can communicate in advance and make full preparations, including the structure and performance of packaging materials, It can ensure the safety of the packaging in the process of use. There are many ice cream series under heluxue. Different ice creams provide customers with helium equipped with leak detection mass spectrometer and support system. Products need different packaging as automatic loading and unloading means. Even if the same series of products are on different production lines, their packaging requirements are different. Moreover, compared with luluxue as a food enterprise, a professional packaging manufacturer, it is obvious that for the performance, use and maintenance of packaging materials, He is not an expert. Therefore, he Luxue and the packaging supplier discuss and test together to enhance the consensus of both sides on product packaging. As the packaging supplier of heluxue, it can give a more reasonable choice of packaging materials and processes according to the design requirements put forward by heluxue. On the basis of the research that it is feasible, heluxue will conduct tests together with the supplier. On the premise of confirming that it is safe, more beautiful and practical, heluxue will also improve its own design scheme in order to achieve a more perfect packaging

in order to ensure that such communication can be carried out frequently, he Luxue has specially set up a packaging research and development center, Build a "bridge" between packaging suppliers and food production plants ". because the packaging R & D center of the enterprise is most familiar with the actual situation of food production, and its professional background also allows them to have a clearer ability to distinguish the production capacity of packaging suppliers. Being able to complete a good communication between the two is, of course, beneficial to the cooperation between the two sides.

in fact, this kind of regular communication mechanism really helps he Luxue achieve customer satisfaction to a large extent "Safe packaging" commitment

price is not the only consideration index

he Luxue only insists on the choice of quality, and price is not the most important consideration for he Luxue to choose suppliers. Although the supplier bidding form set by Helu Xue implements free bidding under the premise of limiting packaging requirements, the final selection is not dominated by price factors

there are three rounds of bidding meetings with Lu Xue packaging suppliers. Before bidding, he Lu Xue will explain in detail the performance standards of the products, including what kind of packaging materials he wants to choose, what kind of process he wants to apply, and what kind of transportation and storage conditions he needs, and then let him develop fair competition. Through the comprehensive consideration of these packaging enterprises, including production conditions, on-site environment, product quality, especially the stability of supply, heluxue reached a comprehensive judgment, and finally decided which enterprise should undertake the packaging task of heluxue. Through this multi-dimensional investigation, heluxue often finds that some suppliers can meet the requirements in terms of safety and other aspects of product performance when providing product samples, but cannot maintain them for a long time. He Luxue will not choose to cooperate with such suppliers

source: Global flexible packaging industry

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