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Stronger through ice and snow - Summary of the work of state-owned companies in February 2008

a rare low temperature, rain and snow freezing disaster has seriously affected the production and life of the people in the affected areas. Under the deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, the State Power Corporation of China led the employees of the company to act quickly and go all out to repair, and achieved a phased victory in the disaster relief work. In this cold February, the state power company warmed the hearts of the affected people with light

concentrate on emergency repair

in the face of disasters, the State Grid Corporation of China has concentrated all its efforts on disaster prevention and rescue, and has shown a good image of a central enterprise by taking practical actions to show corrosion resistance (doing experiments in solution)

since the middle of January, some areas in southern China have been severely affected by electricity. At the critical moment, the State Grid Corporation of China showed strong cohesion, organized human, material and financial resources to fully support the disaster stricken areas, and sent a total of 210000 people to fight on the front line of ice resistance and rescue

in order to make the affected people have a bright spring festival, the majority of employees gave up the opportunity to rest during the Spring Festival and reunite with their families, and with amazing perseverance and indomitable will, they had a hard and arduous fight against ice in the ice and snow

with the joint efforts of the company and all sectors of society, electrical accidents have been gradually curbed, electrical facilities have been gradually repaired, the power transmission tasks determined by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council before the Spring Festival have been successfully completed, the power supply rate of villages in the severely affected areas has reached 86%, and the power consumption of important customers such as railways and the basic living electricity of the people during the Spring Festival have been guaranteed. On February 7, the first day of the lunar new year, after the power on, civil firecrackers and fireworks in Chenzhou City, Hunan Province celebrated the bright and warm return, and also expressed their gratitude to the electric rescue team

the electrical emergency repair work has made rapid progress, the main transmission channels have been opened one after another, the electrical structure has been gradually restored, and the ice resistance rescue and power protection work has achieved a hard won phased victory. As of February 14, 99.3% of the affected counties have resumed power supply, 94.8% of the affected customers and 230000 people have resumed power supply

in addition to doing a good job in rescue work, the company system also carried out a massive activity of "ice resistance, emergency rescue, power supply, love for the disaster areas". 1.5 million employees donated 115million yuan to the disaster stricken provinces in total to repay the society and support the reconstruction of the disaster areas with practical actions, which fully reflects the company's employees' love for the people in the disaster stricken areas. The company has won praise from all walks of life for its bold commitment to society

comprehensively promote the restoration and reconstruction

completing the restoration and reconstruction of electricity on schedule is a major political task entrusted by the Party Central Committee and the State Council to the State Electricity Corporation. The company takes the post disaster reconstruction work as the overriding center at present. Yuan Gong has a thorough understanding of the performance of the experimental machine, and he pays close attention to the task, making every effort to do a good job in the recovery and reconstruction work

on February 15, at the company's TV conference on disaster relief, recovery and reconstruction, general manager Liu Zhenya carefully summarized the company's work of disaster relief, rescue and power supply, analyzed the post disaster reconstruction planning scheme of the damaged power, defined the time node of power emergency repair and recovery and reconstruction, and required the power to be fully restored to normal operation by the end of March. After confirming that there is no problem in all aspects of power restoration, the next step is to hang the mold and build a campaign in the disaster area.

at 14:43 on February 16, with the 110 kV baishidu traction substation in Chenzhou section of Beijing Guangzhou electrified railway resuming dual power supply operation, the company's goal of restoring power supply and dual power supply guarantee in Chenzhou section of Beijing Guangzhou railway was achieved five days in advance. This is of great significance to meet the upcoming Spring Festival transportation peak

on February 19, it can be divided into 3-point zigzag experimental machine (wd-d3) and 4-point zigzag experimental machine (wd-t). Jiangxi Yihuang power restored its connection with the big power, and the strong current through the 110 kV Jianyi line illuminated the urban and rural areas of Yihuang County. All the county-level electricity in Jiangxi was connected to the main power grid

good news kept coming:

on February 22, the 500 kV xianmeng line, the main artery of the Three Gorges power into Jiangxi, successfully transmitted power

on February 23, the emergency repair of Anhui ± 500 kV Yihua DC transmission line was fully completed

on February 24, three 110 kV lines in Chongqing were fully restored one week ahead of schedule

on February 27, the 500 kV coastal corridor in Zhejiang resumed operation. The power supply capacity of the disaster areas has been gradually improved. On February 28, Jiangxi, Hubei, Sichuan, Fujian, Anhui, Zhejiang, Chongqing and Jiangsu power stations were shut down due to disasters, and customers with power outages have all restored power supply; All 500 kV affected substations in the company's business area have been restored to power supply, the recovery rate of decommissioned substations has reached 95.36%, the recovery rate of decommissioned transmission lines has reached 98.09%, and the cumulative recovery rate of customers with power outages has reached 97.97%

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